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Investor Crate:
Revolutionizing Precious Metals Investing

Revolutionizing Precious Metals Investing

Investing in precious metals has been a strategy used by savvy investors for centuries. From the golden treasures of ancient empires to today's diversified portfolios, gold, silver, and other precious metals have been coveted for their ability to preserve wealth and hedge against economic uncertainties. Enter Investor Crate, a game-changing subscription service that's redefining how individuals invest in precious metals. In this comprehensive exploration, we delve into the world of Investor Crate and why it's become a popular choice for modern investors.

Understanding Investor Crate: The Basics

Investor Crate is a subscription-based service that delivers a curated selection of precious metals to your doorstep. It's designed for both seasoned investors and those new to the world of precious metal investing. The service provides a unique and convenient way to gradually build a valuable collection of gold, silver, and other precious metals.

The model is based off a group-buy technique of investing which works perfectly for this particular industry because the more you buy the lower the overall premium. This means, together with the thousands of Investor Crate subscribers, when you buy even a small amount, the discounted over spot premium you pay is as if you were buying millions of dollars’ worth of gold and silver.

How to By Precious Metals

Investor Crate makes it super easy to invest in precious metals every month.

How Does Investor Crate Work?

Investor Crate's process is straightforward and user-friendly:

Choose a Crate: Select from various crate options, each focusing on different types of precious metals.

Select an Investment Level: Decide on your monthly investment amount. Options vary, catering to both modest and more substantial budgets. The minimum level is $50 per month.

Receive Monthly Shipments: Your crate, filled with carefully selected precious metals, arrives each month, allowing you to effortlessly grow your collection.

Crate Options: Diversity and Flexibility

Investor Crate offers several crate types to suit different investment strategies and preferences:

Gold Crate: For those who prefer the classic stability of gold.

Silver Crate: Ideal for investors looking to capitalize on the potential of silver and its historically high gold/silver ratio.

Combo Crate: The most popular option which is a perfect, low premium blend of Gold and Silver.

Platinum Crate: A choice for those interested in diversifying with platinum. You can always add one of these to arrive alongside your Gold and Silver Crate.

90% Silver Crate: For those who love old U.S. Silver Coins. Perfect for the History Buff Investor.

Big Bar Crate: Chalked full of Silver Bars for those silver stackers going for serious weight and affordability.

U.S. Standard Crate: Fans of the U.S. Mint products we all know and love, this option is jam packed with the famous American Silver Eagles and American Gold Eagles.

Beat Inflation

The Benefits of Investing in Precious Metals

Before delving deeper into Investor Crate, let's understand why people invest in Precious Metals:

Hedge Against Inflation

Precious metals have historically maintained their value over time, unlike paper currencies, which can be subject to inflation. This makes them an excellent hedge against the eroding effects of inflation on your savings.


Adding precious metals to your investment portfolio can reduce risk. They often move inversely to other assets like stocks and bonds, providing a buffer during market downturns.

Tangible Assets

Unlike digital or paper assets, precious metals are tangible. They can be held, stored, and physically passed down through generations, providing a sense of security and permanence.

Global Value Recognition

Gold, silver, and platinum are recognized for their value worldwide. This universal appeal adds to their reliability as an investment choice.

Investor Crate Unbeatable Prices

Why Investor Crate Stands Out

Investor Crate has gained popularity for several reasons:


Investor Crate takes the guesswork and legwork out of investing in precious metals. Their subscription model means you don't have to continuously monitor the market to decide when to buy, instead you can dollar cost average this part of your portfolio.


The service makes precious metal investment accessible to a broader audience. With various price points, it's an approachable option for those who might not have large sums to invest upfront.

Curated Selection

Each crate is curated by experts, ensuring that subscribers receive high-quality, authentic products. This curation adds value and peace of mind for investors.

Educational Resources

Investor Crate provides educational materials, helping subscribers learn more about precious metals investing and make informed decisions.

Unboxing the Investor Crate Experience

Each shipment from Investor Crate is an experience in itself. Subscribers often express excitement about the unboxing process, discovering which specific items they've received, and seeing their collection grow over time.

What's Inside a Typical Crate?

While contents vary, crates typically include coins, bars, or rounds of the specified metal. The selection often includes items from renowned mints and refineries, ensuring quality and authenticity every time.

The Surprise Element

One of the unique aspects of Investor Crate is the element of surprise. While you know the type of metal you will receive, the specific items can vary, making each delivery a new discovery as they source the product from over 30 government and private mints from around the world.

Investing with Confidence: The Assurance of Quality

Investor Crate's commitment to quality is paramount. They source metals from reputable mints and distributors, ensuring that subscribers receive only the best products.

Authentication and Purity

All items sent through Investor Crate are authenticated and tested for purity, providing investors with confidence in their acquisitions.

Building a Precious Metals Portfolio

Investor Crate is not just about acquiring precious metals; it's about strategically building a portfolio. The service allows for gradual accumulation, enabling subscribers to develop a robust collection over time.

Long-Term Strategy

Precious metals are often considered a long-term investment. Investor Crate aligns with this philosophy by facilitating consistent, incremental investments over the months and years.

Investor Crate Add-Ons

Every subscriber also has access to their add-ons page which allows folks to add specific items to arrive with their monthly box. This means picking up a few more coins you may have gotten the previous month is a breeze and the best part is, it’s all at cost. Meaning you pay what Investor Crate pays with no additional postage because it arrives inside your next box.


Investor Crate is not only the leading dollar cost average solution for precious metals investing, it’s easily one of the most fun subscription box experiences on the market. There is truly nothing like unboxing a heap of gold and silver bars, coins and rounds from around the world and doing all of this with piece of mind. Support your local veteran-owned small business and sign up for your very own Investor Crate today!

This is in no way to be considered investment advice. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Asset allocation and diversification do not ensure a profit or guarantee against a loss. Keep in mind that any form of investing involves risk and you should always consult with your financial advisor before making any financial decisions. Investor Crate, LLC., it's subsidiaries and staff will never advise you on any asset as our aim is to provide a fun and affordable service should you decide to purchase Precious Metals.

Keep in mind that investing involves risk. The value of your investment will fluctuate over time, and you may gain or lose money.

Investor Crate takes the guesswork and legwork out of investing in precious metals. Their subscription model means you don't have to continuously monitor the market to decide when to buy, instead you can dollar cost average this part of your portfolio.


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