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Gold Fire Sale Deals

1 gram Gold (Random Mint & Design)
1 gram Gold (Random Mint & Design)
1 gram Gold (Random Mint & Design)
1 gram Gold (Random Mint & Design)

1 gram Gold (Random Mint & Design)

1/2 gram Gold MPM Round
1/2 gram Gold MPM Round

1/2 gram Gold round MPM (In Capsule)

1/4 gram Gold MPM Round
1/4 gram Gold MPM Round

1/4 gram Gold round MPM (In Capsule)

1/10 oz Gold Coin
1/10 oz Gold Coin

1/10 oz Gold Coin (Random Mint & Design)

2.5 gram Gold Bars
2.5 gram Gold Bars

2.5 gram Gold Bar (Random Mint & Design)

2 peso Gold Coin from Mexico
2 peso Mexican Gold Coin
2 peso Gold Coin from Mexico
2 peso Mexican Gold Coin

2 Peso Mexican Gold Coin (Restrike)

5 gram Gold Argor Bar
5 gram Gold Bar
5 gram Gold Argor Bar
5 gram Gold Bar

5 gram Argor-Heraeus Gold Bar (In Assay)

10 gram Argor-Heraeus Gold Bar (In Assay)
10 gram Argor-Heraeus Gold Bar (In Assay)
10 gram Argor-Heraeus Gold Bar (In Assay)
10 gram Argor-Heraeus Gold Bar (In Assay)

10 gram Argor-Heraeus Gold Bar (In Assay)


Gold Bars, Coins and Rounds

Due to Investor Crates massive subscriber base and global dominance in the precious metals industry, we have one of, if not the largest selection on new, secondary market and vintage gold bullion products in the world.

Buying Gold from Investor Crate

Gold is recognized globally as the one true currency and Investor Crate has numerous ways of delivering physical gold products directly to your door. First and foremost, we have pioneered dollar cost averaging your investment through our fun and affordable subscription crates. Available in a variety of different price tiers, the Gold Crate is one way to keep a steady, monthly delivery of fine gold coming directly to your door.

We also have our wholesale trading platform called the Fire Sale page which allows you to add extra gold bullion at cost to arrive with your monthly order. Here is only a fraction of what we have to offer.

.999 fine Gold Bars

Gold bullion bars is one of the most financially sound ways to invest in gold. With many industries, purchasing in volume, higher yields equate to lower premiums and markups. With gold bars coming in as small as a few grains and as large as 12.5 kilograms allowing for physical gold ownership at any budget and plenty of room for savings.

In addition to a lower premiums, the variety in shape, manufacturing and minting processes also offers affordability and diversity for any gold bugs stack. Similar to other types and varieties, private industry, recyclers and refiners as well as governments and banks all produce their own version of gold bars. Some bars have very unique looks, some are press minted, others are vacuum casted and even hand poured. Most gold bars come with certificates of authenticity, are serialized and have official assayer cards and mint marks to verify legitimacy.

Some of the popular mints and manufacturers we stock are as follows:

  • Perth Mint
  • Valcambi Suisse
  • Royal Canadian Mint
  • PAMP Suisse
  • Asahi Refinery
  • South African Mint

Sovereign Gold Coins

Nearly every sovereign country in the world produces their own gold coins and most have a very interesting variety and various product lines and series. This makes gold investing fun because not only is it a physical, tangible asset but you can also collect an assortment of different coins to keep it interesting. Many coins increase in value based off of low mintage runs, rarity, uniqueness in grade or age, so it's a good idea to buy a little bit of everything.

Gold coins are considered a currency because they are minted or authorized to be manufactured by an official sovereign state. Because of this, gold coins are backed monetarily by the issuing government, and this is why a fiat currency is minted directly onto these items. Gold coins have a much higher level of craftsmanship associated to them then bars or rounds.

Most gold coins in the modern day are made from blank planchets and refined to a purity of .999 percent or more meaning they are pure gold. Older coins were made of .900 or 90% in fineness, often times mixed with some other metal such as copper or nickel to form a strong alloy. Gold in its pure form is extremely malleable and susceptible to damage when handled. Bending, scratching and denting can occur if a solid piece of gold is dropped from even a small height. Some modern coins are still comprised of an alloy, but to offset the other than gold metal content by weight, these coins weigh more so that the weight minted on the coin is the true weight of gold within that piece. These coins are still considered by investors as investment grade and still can be stored inside of Gold IRA accounts in accordance with IRS guidelines for gold bullion.

We carry all gold coins but some notable mentions and by far the most popular gold coins we sell include:

  • American Gold Eagle: Authorized by the Department of Treasury and minted by our very own United States Mint, the AGE, which was first introduced in 1986 is well-known in the bullion industry. This coin along with most of the coins in this list come in 1/10 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/2 oz and 1 oz weights suitable for any investors monthly budget.
  • American Gold Buffalo: Also minted by the U.S. Mint the AGB is the .9999 fine gold offering by the United States that shares the iconic Indian head and buffalo design first seen on the 1913 buffalo nickel. 
  • Canadian Gold Maple Leaf: Canada's flagship bullion coin the gold maple leaf comes in at the 2nd most purchased variation on Investor Crates Fire Sale page and for good reason. The Royal Canadian Mint has trailblazed and innovated the art of refining and has managed to achieve purity levels of as high as .99999 fineness on some versions of this coin. Yes, that is 5, 9's! 
  • Austrian Gold Philharmonic: Not many mints have had their 825th-year anniversary yet, but the Vienna Mint in Austria did. The Vienna Mint or Münze Österreich, has been minting coins and currency since the 1100's. Not just a notable mention for history sake, the Austrian Mint produces a huge volume of their legendary Austrian Gold Philharmonic and can be found in the portfolio of big and small investors alike. 
  • South African Gold Krugerrand: South Africa has huge deposits of gold in the region, because of this, the government authorized Rand Refinery has produced more investment coins than any other mint to date. The Krugerrand is also made from an alloy using copper which yields a wonderful and unique reddish gold color that is easily spotted.
  • Mexican Gold Libertad: The Mexican Mint or La Casa de Moneda de México has been minting Mexico's currency for over 400 years. In more recent years they have produced some of the nicest looking coins and bullion products. High purity yes, but their design choices make holding and handling their bullion a pleasure as they've decided to mint their coins larger or smaller and chunkier than other countries mints.   
  • British Gold Britannia: The Royal Mint in the United Kingdom is just another example of why gold ownership isn't only sound but extremely fun. Available in a variety of styles, special editions and sizes the Gold Britannia, Royal Arm's, Queen's Beasts and other gold coin offerings from the Royal Mint are some of the most sought after for both investors and collectors alike.
  • Australian Gold Kangaroo: Most sovereign gold coins have one design that they stick with year over year. The Perth Mint in Australia, however, redesigns the obverse side of their coin each year. Investors love this and make sure to pick up a few each year just to get the newly designed image of a Kangaroo.
  • Ancient, Vintage and Pre-1933 Gold Sovereigns: From pre-ban U.S. gold to ancient Roman gold and old circulatory currencies from Italy, France, Great Britain and beyond can all be found right here at Investor Crate. These items are for sale only on the Fire Sale page and do not arrive with any crate or pack products.

Gold Rounds, Buttons and other bullion

Private and bank owned mints and refineries produce their own variations of gold medals, rounds and commemorative pieces. Many of these pieces are throwback authorized designs of coins from the past, like the incuse Indian head, but at a much more reasonable price than the real thing. These are great and cheap alternatives to gold ownership, similar to gold bars except with a bit more craftsmanship and variety.

There are also a lot of small bullion businesses that buy gold casting grain and gold shot who make amazing pieces such as hand poured or casted gold buttons as well as figurines.