Gold Spot Price

What's the price of Gold?

Gold spot price is the price of raw unrefined gold at the time it is pulled out of the ground by various mining operations. This price is the price used to sell gold, usually by the ton, to refiners around the world. Refiners then refine the gold into various alloys or it's most pure form and then mint or sell the refined product to mints to be made into it's final form.

Spot price is also the price gold is commonly sold for on the secondary market by commodity investors. Bid and ask prices are used for contract fulfillments on the NYSE, COMEX and other metal markets.

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Current price of Gold

Gold has been revered for it's value since its discovery. In the last century, technological and scientific research has found that gold has very sought after physical properties with applications and use cases across a wide array of industries. With these discoveries, demand for gold has sky rocketed and shows no signs of slowing down.

Gold is one of the best conductors available and out of the roughly 2,500 tons of gold mined each year, 37% end up in electronics such as smart phones and other commercial computing devices.

Tracking the price of Gold

Tracking the price of gold is left up to the London Bullion Market Association and they base it off of current, provisional and future mining contracts which accurately gauges current demand. The TradingView widgets provided to Investor Crate track this enormous amount of data in an easy to read and use chart.

Buying Gold at spot

While buying gold at spot price isn't viable because spot price is usually an indications of the raw unrefined ore, buying the finished product in the form of bullion coins, bars and rounds is very easy and accessible to any person with virtually any budget.

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