Platinum Spot Price

Current Platinum Price

The charts presented here give a detailed up to date look at current platinum prices as well as past performance data and analysis for the last 70 years.

With the increased use in the automotive industry as well as electronic industry, platinum has seen been a strong performer in recent years.

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Platinum Spot Price

When dealing in commodities, supply and demand is the name of the game and that's exactly how spot price is measured. The leading authority for the global metals market is the London Bullion Market Association and they measure supply and demand by analyzing current and even theoretical mining contracts. This, with a great deal of accuracy, gauges the current supply which deduces the demand, because miners aren't digging until they have a buyer.

Platinum is used in a wide variety of industries but the largest consumer currently is the automotive industry. Platinum has quite an amazing chemical property where the metal can actually add oxygen molecules to an element. This chemical process is known as oxidization and is used in catalytic converters to reduce emissions and harmful gas produced by combustion engines.

A common misnomer is that platinum use will decline as electric vehicles gain in popularity, however, large amounts of platinum and other PGM's are used to produce high performing long lasting batteries that power EV's.

Platinum bid, ask and spot

While physical metal is traded online through bullion dealers like ourselves, buying platinum futures, ETF's and certificates is a common way to get what is referred to as paper platinum. The ask price represents what an investor is willing to sell the commodity for and the bid price is the price an investor is willing to pay for a set amount of platinum.

Physical platinum rarely trades for current spot price because the process in which the metal is refined and minted into bullion coins or bars is expensive, so a premium is added to cover the costs.

Adding platinum to your holding

Many people are not able to buy a kilo of platinum which can trade for upwards of $30,000 so a strategy used is a dollar cost average where buying small quantities over a set time period is preferred. This helps fight any volatility in the market and effectively yields the average cost of platinum over said time period. This is useful for folks who utilize our subscription services in which we can set up automatically monthly deliveries of both platinum coins and platinum bars to the address you provide us with.