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We ship out all packages including Starter Packs, Promo items, subscription crates, giveaway prizes and Fire Sale items on the 15th of every month. An e-mail will be sent to you with the tracking information up to 5 days prior to shipping.

Contact support for a cancelation and full refund.

Login to your Investor Crate account. Select 'manage subscriptions.' On the 'Product' table under 'Actions' select 'Swap.' Select the new crate you wish to receive. Then use the drop-down menu to select your price tier and click the 'Swap Product' button. Navigate back to 'manage subscriptions,' to ensure the change was made.

You can also reach out to a support specialist, and we can make the necessary changes to your account on your behalf.

On the 15th of every month, we conduct inventory and list all remaining products for sale at the price we paid. If you are an active subscriber, you can add these items to arrive with your next subscription crate order.

Browse the Fire Sale

Unless you are a deployed member of the U.S. Armed Forces, we do not ship or conduct business internationally. We do expect to begin shipping to Canada, the UK and select countries within the EU by 2025. Please join our mailing list to stay updated.

  • I think my package got stolen.
    We ship by way of the United States Postal Service and each package comes with the standard insurance through our carrier. We are not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen packages and all claims should be filed through the United States Postal Service. Information on how to file a claim can be found on the United States Postal Service official website. It is important that you take the proper steps to confirm the shipping address you provide Investor Crate, is correct and accurate in addition to your mailbox/delivery point being secure.
  • What is my tracking number?
    You will receive a series of e-mails upon check-out and through out our fulfillment phase. When your package has left our facility and is scanned in by USPS staff, our system will send you a shipping confirmation e-mail. Inside this e-mail will be your tracking number. You can also check the status of your order by logging into your Investor Crate account.
  • I never received an order confirmation email.
    This can be caused by the following errors:

    *In the event that your transaction was declined, an order confirmation e-mail will not be sent.
    *In the event that you misspelled your e-mail address during your order and account creation, you will not receive an order confirmation. Please contact us to make any change to your account.
    *Please check your spam folder. In some instances our e-mails will erroneously end up there. Please unmark them as spam, to receive future e-mails regarding your account.
  • My package didn't ship!
    All orders must be placed on or before the 5th of the month to ship out on the 15th of that month. If you place an order after the 5th, your order will ship the following month. You will also be skipped in the billing queue.


    1st order placed on October 9th.
    Billing cycle (if applicable) skipped on November 1st.
    1st order ships on November 15th.
    Billing occurs on December 1st.
    2nd order ships on December 15th.

    You are now on track with all customers.

    Please keep in mind that this cut-off date is due to an increased amount in fraudulent orders. This "cool off" period gives us time to detect fraudulent transactions.
  • When do I get billed?
    You will be billed immediately upon check-out on our online portal and again every month on the 1st AFTER you receive your initial purchase. If you are on a shipping queue you will be automatically skipped in the billing cycle. Ex. If you ordered on the 25th and are awaiting your first crate, you will NOT be billed again on the 1st.
  • I got billed multiple times!
    Chances are you did not. In the event that your card was declined by insufficient funds or a basic fraud filter such as; 'billing address mismatch,' upon multiple transactions tries, your funds will be held by your bank in a 'pending state.' This is to mitigate the possibility of fraud and depending on your bank, the funds will be released back into your account in 3-5 business days.
  • Do you ever hold over a remaining amount for the following month?
    No remainder value is ever held by Investor Crate. All remaining value is made up in fractional bullion to the closest dollar amount.
  • Can I change my billing date?
    You can change your billing date but we do not recommend this. Doing so may cause a delay in receiving your package and the billing cycle could revert back to the 1st during our bi-monthly system audit. 
  • I just ordered a crate, will I be billed again on the 1st?
    No. Customers who ordered for the first time will be automatically 'skipped' in our billing cycle until their initial crate arrives. This is to get you on track with the rest of our customers. Ex. If you ordered on the 25th, you will not be billed again on the 1st. Normal billing will resume and your next charge will be the 1st of the following month.
  • Can I be billed annually, quarterly, or on a specific date?
    We do not recommend operating billing cycles outside of our normal, predetermined perimeters. However, you can change the billing cycle to suit your wants and needs within your account. This may cause delays in service so do so at your own risk. We conduct bi-monthly billing system audits. If you changed your billing cycle, it may be changed back to the 1st automatically.
  • Can I use my PayPal for my monthly crate?
    Yes. As of January 2024, you can now use PayPal for subscription products. You can also use PayPal for Starter Packs and add-on purchases.
  • How do I cancel my account?
    We purposely made cancellation a simple task to avoid being that subscription you can never get rid of. There is absolutely no contractual obligation or cancellation fee associated with our subscription service. You can cancel by logging into your account or by contacting a support representative. Please notify us your intentions of cancelling 48 hours before your next billing date.
  • I want to skip a month but not cancel completely.
    The skip feature which can be found on your account enables a customer to ‘skip’ a billing cycle. This feature has to be used before the 1st of the month they wish to skip. Normal billing and receipt of our product will resume the following month. You can skip by logging into your account or contacting a support representative.
  • Updating my shipping and billing information.
    The edit feature enables a customer to ‘edit’ billing and shipping information associated with their account. Please login to your account to make these changes.
    DO NOT send any financial information such as bank account numbers or credit/debt card numbers to Investor Crate support staff. We will not view or open any submissions.

    For security purposes, any update to billing must be done by the customer on our secure online account portal.
  • I can't login to my account!
    During your initial purchase an automated e-mail for an account activation was sent to you, please follow the instructions within that e-mail to set up your account. If you can not find this e-mail, contact a support representative and request an 'account activation e-mail' be resent.
  • How do I increase/decrease my monthly crate price? 
    Login to your Investor Crate account. Select 'manage subscriptions.' On the 'Product' table under 'Actions' select 'Edit.' Select 'Change product variation.' Once you have selected the appropriate price tier click 'Save.' Navigate back to the 'manage subscriptions' to ensure the change worked!

    Note: Be sure to check that your next charge date is correct.
  • Current giveaways.
    Any on-going social media giveaways or other promotions can be found in the Terms of Service.
  • When is your next giveaway?
    We frequently announce giveaways over e-mail and our social media platforms make sure to join our mailing list and follow us on social media for updates. As a rule of thumb, we generally announce giveaways on Holidays, i.e Valentine's Day, Halloween, Christmas.
  • Do you have any discounts, promotions, or affiliate marketing programs? 
    We do not yet offer affiliate marketing or refer-a-friend promotions currently. This is something we will have in the future.
    We do not offer free shipping or other discounts currently. In the event that we launch a promotion like this the announcement will be made by way of e-mail or across our social media platforms.
  • How do I initiate a return or refund?
    You may be eligible for a return or refund, please review our refund policy for more information.
  • What do I get in my crate?
    Every crate is different and subject to a variety of factors on a month to month basis. The two main factors are current market prices and manufacturer specific premiums.

    Market prices - Gold, Silver and Platinum are considered currencies as well as a commodity which are traded 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is the baseline price used by all manufacturers.
    Manufacturer specific premiums - Each Mint (both private and government) place prices on each type of bullion and metal type they manufacturer. These prices are 'premiums,' an industry term for 'mark-up.' Each wholesale 'premium' price differs from mint to mint.
    Example: A batch of American Silver Eagles from the US Mint may cost (current market spot price + $2.05 over spot per ounce) A batch of Silver Canadian Maple Leafs from the Royal Canadian Mint may cost (current market spot price + $1.65 over spot per ounce.)
    It would be reasonable to expect, market price plus low premium divided by dollar amount you selected is what you receive. We do NOT add an extra markup on a per ounce or per gram basis. We simply charge a flat service fee dependent on crate size and complexity. We rely SOLELY on volume as profit as we believe in delivering a product with truly low premiums to get you the most bang for your buck.
  • What comes in the Starter Pack?
    The 'Starter Pack' is made up of Silver bullion, generally rounds and bars manufacturer by one of the private mints located here in the United States.
  • What comes in the Combination Crates?
    The '50/50 Gold and Silver Combination Crate' and the '20/80 Gold and Silver Combination Crate' is a dollar value ratio of Gold and Silver. The ratio is more accurate at larger price tiers, generally $250 price tiers or higher.
    The Gold used in the combination crates are either Gold bars, rounds or coins from the various private and government mints from around the world.
    The Silver used in the combination crates are coins that are minted from various international government operated mints from around the world. In some cases you may receive Silver Fractional pieces minted from private mints here in the United States.
  • What comes in the Gold Crate?
    The 'Gold Crate' could contain either Gold bars, rounds or coins from government and private mints from around the world. In some cases small Silver fractional pieces will be used to fill remaining dollar values when the smallest denomination of Gold available exceeds the remaining value dollar amount. In the event that the Gold market price exceeds the dollar amount you selected for the smallest denomination of Gold available to us your crate will automatically revert to a 'Silver Crate.'
    The smallest denomination of Gold we stock is 1/4 gram.
  • What comes in the Silver Crate?
    The 'Silver Crate' contains Silver coins from government mints from around the world. In some cases, small Silver fractional pieces from private mints here in the United States may be used to fill remaining values when the smallest Silver coin denomination exceeds the value of the remaining dollar amount.
  • What comes in the Generic Silver Crate?
    The 'Generic Silver Crate' contains Silver rounds and bars from private mints here in the United States.
  • What comes in the Big Bar Crate?
    The 'Big Bar Crate' contains Silver in bar form from private and government mints from around the world. In some instances, small Silver fractional pieces in round or coin form may be present to make up any remaining dollar amount.
  • What comes in the U.S Standard Crate?
    The 'U.S. Standard Crate' comes with primarily American Silver Eagles from the U.S. Mint. In some cases and certain price tiers, American Gold Eagles from the U.S. Mint may be found. In all cases Silver fractional pieces from various private mints here in the United States may also be present.
  • What comes in the Platinum Crate?
    The 'Platinum Crate' contains primarily Platinum bullion minted from either private or government mints from around the world. In all cases and all crates, some Silver fractional pieces may be present to make up any remaining dollar denomination.
  • What comes in the Constitutional Crate?
    The 'Constitutional Crate contains pre-1965 United States coinage such as dimes, quarters and half dollars. These coins have a Silver content of 90%. Most all of the coins found in the Constitutional Crate are heavily circulated.
  • What comes in Investor Crate Plus?
    Investor Crate Plus is not a physical product. DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT unless you absolutely understand what you are purchasing. This is a non-recurring, non-refundable, one-year digital access key to our Fire Sale page and member-only content available on the website
  • Do you sell Precious Metals at spot?
    We do not sell precious metals at spot. Beware of third-party sellers who make this claim.
  • Where are you located?
    We have multiple locations. Our offices are located in Manchester, NH and any mail in inquiries or entries should be mailed to the address below.

    Investor Crate, LLC.

    PO BOX 574

    Weare, NH 03281

    Our fulfillment center is located in Provo, UT. This address is private for security reasons.
  • Do you buy Precious Metals from third-party sellers?
    Currently, we do not have a buyback program. We expect to have a buyback program in place by the beginning of 2020.
  • How do I know your items are not counterfeit? 
    We are located in the United States and deal in stored value and government currency. It is illegal to knowingly pass a counterfeit item and is punishable by fines up to $250,000.00 as well as up to 20 years in prison. We take measures to prevent the possibility of counterfeit bullion seriously and spend an enormous amount of time and effort in testing, quality control and serial number tracking. We also conduct video surveillance on every crate that is built and shipped from our facility. We invite any third-party to purchase and test any of our product as we stand by it with a 100% guarantee.
  • What is the purity of Precious Metals you offer?
    Gold purity generally exceeds .999 percent finess. However, some government minted coins are an alloy mixture to prevent damages while in circulation (scratches, dents or bending) due to the malleability of Gold in its pure form. The Gold content (by weight) is still always present and purity is by manufacturer specs.
    Silver purity is always .999 percent finess or higher.
    Platinum purity is always .9995 percent fines or higher.
  • What crate should I buy?
    No Investor Crate agent will ever provide you with a suggestion or information on what type of metal or dollar amount to purchase. We urge all customers to research and conduct their own due diligence. By utilizing our service you acknowledge that you have conducted your own, comprehensive review of the assets, liabilities and their potential. No information on this website is intended as advice and all blogs are strictly for entertainment purposes only.
  • Can I have my crate sent directly to my IRA or 401k account?
    Currently, we do not offer our product to be directly shipped to holding companies. This may be available in the near future.
  • How do I store and handle my Precious Metals?
    Due to the precious nature of the metal, careful hands-free handling of your metal must be used at all times. Metal should always be stored in a secure, dry environment. Use cotton or powderless-latex gloves while handling your bullion and leave the items in its original packaging.
  • I want to talk to a representative.
    Currently, we do not offer phone support for monthly orders under $5000.00. We, however, answer support related questions via email in an extremely fast and accurate manner. Please contact support@investorcrate.com for any inquiry you may have.
  • Fraud Stoppers.
    In pursuant to state and federal law, if you use a stolen credit card or utilize any of our products or services in an unlawful way you will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. In pursuant to the Banking Secrecy Act and our Anti-Money Laundering program any use of our products or services in a fraudulent manner will be reported to the proper authorities. Both misdemeanor and felony penalties carry heavy fines and lengthy periods of incarceration. It will not be worth it.
  • What is the Fire Sale Page?
    The 'Fire Sale' page is updated shortly after the 15th of every month with a plethora of one-time bullion products that can be added to an ACTIVE subscription crate. These items are overstock inventory from the previous months order and have no additional fees associated with them. We add no service fee or additional mark up, you pay what we pay. Additionally, there is no added handling or shipping fee because these items will arrive with your following months' subscription crate.
    DO NOT order these items unless you have an ACTIVE subscription crate.
    Please be mindful to order these items before the cut-off date which is the 5th of every month. If you order after the cut off date, these items may not arrive with that months subscription crate.
    RESELLERS AND COIN SHOP OWNERS - Please refrain from using the Fire Sale page as a wholesale purchase outlet. Doing so may result in suspension of your account. We will gladly purchase bulk orders on your behalf, please reach out to support to get started.
  • What is Market Price?
    'Market Price' is the price in which the commodity is sold for on the market.

    Precious Metals are not only considered a currency but a 'hard' commodity (natural resource) that is publicly traded on the commodity market. This is the baseline at which raw ore is traded, purchased and sold.
  • What is a Premium?
    'Premium' is simply an industry specific term for 'markup.'

    The premium is an added price on to the overall market price of the asset and is decided by the manufacturer or mint. This price includes things such as labor, equipment and the rather pricey cost involved in refining the metals to its pure form. The goal when purchasing Precious Metals is to get the lowest premium possible, the best prices are generally found in wholesale purchases and the 'group-buy' idea Investor Crate was founded on.
  • What is Spot Price?
    'Spot Price' is simply a theoretical number based on provisional futures and contracts of the commodity in question.

    The factors that drive the market and the commodity prices are so complex the level of complicity baffles even the brightest of financial advisers. With this said, we do not pretend to understand the driving factors, nor will we ever make any forecast, suggestions or otherwise to any of our customers. We simply provide a convenient outlet should you decide to receive Precious Metals each month at a low premium. If you have any reservations or concerns even after consulting a licensed financial adviser do not purchase the commodity.
  • What is Bid and Ask Price?
    These are terms used when trading commodity (or stock) futures which is not something we offer. If you are selling futures you can expect to get the 'Bid Price.' If you are buying futures you can expect to get the 'Ask Price.'

    We do not trade, sell or buy futures in any commodity, nor would we ever advise you to or not to do so. We only deal in physical Precious Metals.
  • High ticket transactions Info.
    We DO NOT accept cash transactions.
    If you wish to place a monthly order that exceeds $4500, we require a monthly bank wire to be placed. Upon your request to support staff, we will send you directions on how to complete your order. When the funds are received by us, your order will ship. 
  • This program is in BETA and terms and procedures are subject to change.

    Investor Crate Plus gives access to the Vault Box Contribution Crates (VBCC's) that emulate various physically delivered subscription boxes we offer. VBCC's are stored inside of our vault in a personalized safety deposit box. You can request photographic proof that your metals exist, request physical delivery of your metals or request to liquidate. We are still working behind the scenes to make this program much more user friendly and streamlined, but are available to be purchased now.