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Gold Crate

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Gold/Silver Box

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Exclusive U.S. Mint.

U.S. Standard

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Team Crate

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Non-recurring billing options.

Starter Packs

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Unlock the future: Transform your portfolio with our Gold Crates - Beyond shiny coins, embrace tangible investments and safeguard your wealth against economic turbulence.

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Unbox Wealth: Elevate Your Investments with Hard Assets.

Dive into a world of stability: Embrace the tangible future with Gold - Where every unveiling is a step towards financial security and peace of mind.

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Starter Packs (One-time)

Not quite sold on a subscription yet?
Check out our Starter Pack lineup that emulates our subscription crates without the recurring billing cycle.

Monster Packs ($5,000 +)

Need serious weight?
For our clients looking to stack some serious weight, check out our Monster Pack line for orders up to $100,000.

Investor Crate Plus

Wholesale Precious Metals.
Looking to add additional loot to each months subscription crate? Check out our premium membership which allows access to our wholesale trade platform.

Add-ons. (Restocked on the 15th of each month)

1 gram Gold (Random Mint & Design)
1 gram Gold (Random Mint & Design)
1 gram Gold (Random Mint & Design)
1 gram Gold (Random Mint & Design)

1 gram Gold (Random Mint & Design)

1 oz American Silver Eagle Coin
U.S. Mint ASE
1 oz American Silver Eagle Coin
U.S. Mint ASE

1 oz American Silver Eagle coin (RANDOM YEAR) BU

1 oz Silver Bars
1 oz Silver Bars

1 oz Silver Bar (Random Mint & Design)

Variety of Silver Rounds
Multiple 1 oz Silver Rounds
Variety of Silver Rounds
Multiple 1 oz Silver Rounds

1 oz Silver Round (Random Mint & Design)


Why people choose Investor Crate.

Opting for Investor Crate to handle your gold and silver investments presents a distinctive and effortless method to enrich your portfolio with precious metals. Our monthly subscription framework streamlines the process of amassing valuable assets gradually, catering to both novice and experienced investors alike. With Investor Crate, subscribers anticipate a handpicked array of gold and silver selections, customized to match their preferences and investment objectives. This eradicates the need to fret over selecting specific coins, bars, or rounds, ensuring a consistent expansion of one's precious metal assets. Additionally, Investor Crate's unwavering dedication to sourcing top-tier products from reputable channels assures subscribers of the authenticity and worth of their investments. Moreover, our service adds an element of anticipation and exploration, as each shipment may unveil new and captivating items that broaden collectors' horizons beyond their usual choices. In essence, Investor Crate distinguishes itself through its seamless convenience, top-notch quality, and individualized approach to gold and silver investing.

Why Gold as an investment?

Investing in gold is a timeless and strategic move, offering a reliable hedge against economic instability and inflationary pressures. Throughout history, this precious metal has proven its enduring value, serving as a dependable asset even amidst turbulent financial climates. Gold's significance extends beyond financial markets, with its industrial applications further bolstering its demand. By integrating gold into a portfolio, investors safeguard their wealth from the erosive effects of fiat currency devaluation and the erratic nature of financial markets. Unlike digital or paper investments, gold provides a tangible asset that instills a profound sense of security, offering privacy and autonomy. During periods of geopolitical turmoil or escalating inflation, gold consistently emerges as a safe harbor, preserving investors' purchasing power. Incorporating gold into an investment strategy is a prudent decision, offering a balanced approach that combines wealth protection with the potential for capital growth.

Can I cancel? How do I know this is legit?

Investor Crate stands as a beacon of reliability and trust in the realm of precious metal investments. Founded on the pillars of flexibility and unwavering customer satisfaction, we proudly present our gold and silver subscription service, meticulously designed to cater to your investment needs. Our commitment to transparency and integrity is evident in every aspect of our service, reflecting our veteran-owned and operated roots in the heart of New Hampshire, USA. At Investor Crate, we understand the importance of a seamless investment journey, which is why we offer our subscription service on a month-to-month basis, sans any binding contracts. Cancelling your subscription is a hassle-free process, devoid of hidden charges or cumbersome procedures. Since our establishment in 2017 by a group of veterans and friends, we've continuously strived to exceed the expectations of our esteemed subscribers.

 Our accolades speak volumes about our dedication to excellence. With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, a stellar 4.5-star rating on Trustpilot, and our proud association as a corporate sponsor of the Wounded Warrior Project, Investor Crate stands as a shining example of integrity and commitment to the community. With over 100,000 orders fulfilled for investors nationwide, we've cemented our position as a trusted partner for those seeking to fortify their investment portfolios with the timeless allure of gold and silver. Experience the freedom to manage your subscriptions on your own terms while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with partnering with Investor Crate.