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At Investor Crate, we offer an expansive inventory of bullion, sourced directly from our monthly acquisitions of precious metals, all at cost. To purchase any Silver Bullion add-ons, a subscription crate is mandatory, as these items will be included in your upcoming crate—this approach ensures we sidestep any extra fees.

Though we're known for our monthly gold and silver subscriptions, we're now spotlighting our increasingly popular add-on page. Delight in wholesale prices without any minimum purchase requirements or deceptive volume pricing.

1 oz Silver Coins for sale

Silver coins are produced by a number of countries around the world. They aren't only a vessel of one of the oldest forms of wealth in the history of mankind, but a symbol of a nation's identity and sovereignty. These coins are not only valued for the precious metals content but also by the fiat value assigned by the minting authority. The older a coin gets the more valuable it becomes adding yet another, numismatic value to a collector.

Coins come in a variety of sizes and are manufactured by tons of different mints from around the world, here is just a short list of what we keep in stock.

  • 1 oz American Silver Eagle Coin (Type 1 & 2) - Continually minted since 1987, the ASE is easily recognized all over the world for not only its American mined and American sourced silver, but consistency in craftsmanship. Available only in 1 troy ounce size.
  • 1 oz Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coin - The Royal Canadian Mint or RCM, controls not only the minting process of Canadian bullion, but also the refinement of the raw gold and silver they deal in. This equates to much lower premiums than what is normally found from Government mints. They also produces a wide range of silver bullion coins such as war memorials, lunar year and special editions of their famous Maple Leaf coins. 
  • 1 oz South African Silver Krugerrand - For years the South African Mint and Rand Refinery have pumped out amazing gold coins called the Gold Krugerrand and finally, starting in 2017, they released the silver variant of the Krugerrand! Currently only available in 1 oz sizes, this just feels like the right choice. 
  • 1 oz Armenian Silver Coins (Noah's Ark) - In recent years, Armenia has contracted LEV, a German bullion manufacturer that also goes by the name of Geiger Edelmetalle, to produce their bullion coins. Available in sizes all the way up to 5 oz, these make for a great and relatively rare piece in any silver stack.
  • 30 gram Chinese Mint Silver Pandas - The Chinese Mint has been producing silver bullion coins since 1983 and they come in the largest variety of sizes than any other coin. They, like the Perth Mint, also come up with a new portrait design of the Panda for each new mintage year. 

Silver Bars from Investor Crate

While coins are great and unique, bullion bars have a cool factor that is hard to beat. In addition to being awesome, they also, generally speaking, come with a much lower premium than silver coins. But why? Simply put, the manufacturing process of a bar and the large overall volume of silver that can come in a larger sized bar makes these extremely cost effective to produce. Mints and manufacturers produce huge volumes of silver bars which makes it an affordable option for silver investors.

Silver bars are great for budget stackers as well as they come in an array of sizes. As small as 1 single grain and as big as 1000+/- troy ounces.

Here is a short list of some of our more popular bars we carry.

  • Credit Suisse Bank - Produced on behalf of CSB by Valcambi and PAMP Suisse, large bars are popular with Credit Suisse such as their kilogram and 100 ounce bars. While these are becoming more scarce and entering the realm of vintage, these do make appearances in our inventory.  
  • Scottsdale Silver Mint - A private mint based out of Scottsdale, AZ, SSM has produced some amazing pieces such as there stacker bars (which are like huge legos) as well as some unique pieces like poured buttons and "kit kat" shaped bars.
  • Royal Mint Refinery - The Royal Mint doesn't only produce highly sought-after coins such as their 1 oz Silver Britannia's, they also produce large silver and platinum bars. A notable mention is their 10 oz Silver Britannia Bars which are a huge hit among our customer bases. 
  • Engelhard and Johnson Matthey - While these are considered Vintage Silver Bars as each company has since dissolved and usually fetch large premiums, we do see these older products on the secondary market and if the price is right for a large batch, we will certainly pick them up. Keep an eye out for these as they go extremely fast.
  • Germania Mint - A relatively newer company, the Germania Mint produces awesome vacuum casted bars that come very nicely packaged from the mint. They also make silver proof coins that have incredible designs and craftsmanship. While they fetch an enourmous premium and we do not regularly stock these specialty coins, they are something to check out.
  • Italpreziosi Italy - This company is one of the only Italian companies that deals in investment grade bullion. They have a world class refinement plant that specializes in the recovery and recycling of electronic parts that contain precious metals. They have bars that range from 5 oz, 10 oz and 1 kilogram of silver currently. 
  • Argor-Heraeus - Headquartered in Switzerland, Argor-Heraeus is one of the largest precious metals refiners in the world. They produce everything from gold, silver, platinum and palladium bullion products. They have an extensive lineup of silver bars that are professionally assayed to ensure purity.
  • Istanbul Gold Refinery (IGR) - Has been producing product in the precious metals market for years and create very unique cast bars as well as assayed 1 ounce bars in tamper proof sleeves which are a favorite among our subscribers.

Silver Rounds for sale

1 oz Silver rounds such as the iconic buffalo round are a popular option. Similar to bars but available in fractional sizes, silver rounds can be found in virtually every Investor Crate subscription and starter pack products. Fractional rounds are an excellent way to stack bullion on a budget, are useful as a barter item and are relatively inexpensive. Some domestic, private mints here in the U.S. that produce silver rounds are Asahi Refinery, Silver Shield Mint, Osborne Mint, 9Fine Mint and many more.