One-time Silver Packs

The Silver Starter Pack

Starting at $100!
The Silver Starter Pack emulates the contents of the Generic Silver Crate or Big Bar Crate, without the subscription. However, our subscriptions are contract free with no term requirements and no cancelation fees.

Gold & Silver Starter Pack

Gold and silver bullion!
Based on our most popular product, the Gold and Silver Crate, this crate emulates what one would receive at the various price tiers offered.

Silver Monster Pack (Orders $5,000 +)

Starting at $5,000 (Wire Only)
The Silver Monster Pack is designed for larger wholesale orders and allows for more customization through out the buying process.

Great Alternatives

The Silver Crate (Monthly)

As low as $50 per month!
The Silver Crate is an automatic monthly supply of silver coins minted by foreign and domestic governments from around the world and are monetarily backed by their currency respectfully.

Big Bar Crate (Monthly)

A kilo a month grows a stack nicely.
Fancy a monthly delivery of silver bars? This is the crate you are looking for.

Generic Silver Crate (Monthly)

Silver Rounds galore!
This crate is for the low premium seekers who fancy a pile of buffalos and other great silver rounds from private U.S. mints.

Silver Fire Sale Deals

Silver Starter Packs

Some folks are skeptical of starting a subscription but we would like to clarify that we purposely built our service to be easily canceled. This is because our focus is on getting customers who enjoy our service only. Obviously, retention is important for a subscription crate company and there is no better way to do this than to let the folks who don't want to be here, be here! In all seriousness though, our service is absolutely contract free. You do not need to pay money to cancel your subscription and you do not need to stay with us for any certain time period or buy multiple months in advance.

With that said, if you still are skeptical of the subscription portion or any of our crates we offer, we totally get it and we build the Starter Pack line of products for you!

Each Starter Pack is meant to emulate, in fact, they are fulfilled as the exact same for that month, as it's corresponding subscription crate.

Below is in regard to our Silver Starter Pack and a short description of what it includes. Be sure to also check out the product pages of each Starter Pack for a more in depth dive into this.

The Silver Starter Pack

The Silver Pack is usually an imitation of the Generic Silver Crate but sometimes ends up being fulfilled as a Big Bar Crate. Both of those crates contain either silver rounds or silver bars such as:

  • 1 oz Silver Buffalo Round (Made by virtually all private mints domestically)
  • 1 oz Branded Silver Round (i.e Asahi Rounds, Sunshine Mint Rounds, Golden State Mint Rounds, JBR Silver Rounds, et cetera)
  • 1 oz Silver Bars (Nadir Metal Rafineri, APMEX, SD Bullion, JM Bullion, Johnson Matthey, et cetera)
  • 5 oz Silver Bars (Germania Mint, Silvertowne Mint, Engelhard, Highland Mint, et cetera)
  • 10 oz Silver Bars (A-Mark, Italpreziosi, Istanbul Gold Refinery,  Coins N Things, et cetera)
  • 1 kilo Silver Bars (Scottsdale Silver Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, PAMP Suisse, Valcambi Suisse, et cetera) 

Why go with Investor Crate Starter Packs?

While we are the only company that offers packs and monthly subscriptions of precious metals, there are plenty of great and not so great bullion dealers out there. We do offer the industry leading return and refund policy (as it does not get into market loss fees and restocking fees) so trying us is truly risk free.

We are also extremely open to feedback, so if you have any feedback about our services or would like to know more, please do not hesitate to reach out!