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About the Combo Crates

Silver coins around a Gold coin


The Combination Crates are by far our most popular crate. This option allows you to receive the ratio of your choice in fine Gold and Silver bullion. Join Investor Crate today as we quickly become the most affordable dollar-cost averaging solution to your precious metal needs.

The theory behind Investor Crate is simple, we levy our awesome purchasing power to buy massive wholesale, low premium purchase orders of fine Precious Metals. We then distribute the metals accordingly among our subscriber base. In turn, we are able to provide you with low premium bullion all year long. 

The 20/80 Combination Crate contains approximately 20% Gold and 80% Silver bullion in the form of Gold bars, coins and rounds as well as Silver coins, directly to your door each month.

The 50/50 Combination Crate has won our 'Investors Choice' award for the last two years as we pack and ship this crate more than any lineup. Couple this with Investor Crate Plus and watch your stack of Gold and Silver grow.

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The Gold Coins and Bars

  • Baird & Co
  • Geiger Edelmetalle (LEV)
  • Istanbul Gold Refinery (IGR)
  • Asahi Refinery
  • Sunshine Mint (SMI)
  • And much more!

The Gold CONTENTS (Varies each month)

  • Baird & Co has been producing Gold Bars overseas in the London Area since 1967. London has been the epicenter for all things Bullion for centuries. Baird & Co Gold Bars come in a huge variety of sizes such as 1 gram, 2.5 g,  1/10 troy ounce, 5 gram, 1/4 oz, 10 g, 1/2 oz, 20 g, 1 oz, 50 g, 100 g, 5 oz, 250 g, 10 oz, 500 g and one kilo! A bar for virtually any monthly budget! They also carry a large variety of Silver and Platinum Bars as well.
  • KOMSCO or 'Korea Minting and Security Printing Corporation' is a government-owned entity that is responsible for printing and minting South Korean currency, ID cards and official Government Documents. Recently, in 2016, a short run of Gold and Silver bullion was produced by KOMSCO. They were overwhelmingly popular and instantly in high demand. Since this time, KOMSCO has been increasing the mintage numbers, lowering the cost from 'collectible' to a viable investment option. 
  • PAMP SA along with Valcambi Suisse and Credit Suisse are always available on the Investor Crate fulfillment floor in Texas. The Swiss are known for their extreme attention to detail, especially so with Jewelry and Metal craftsmanship. These 3 companies have options ranging from 1 g to 100 oz bars of Gold, Silver and Platinum. If you need it, they make it and we carry it!
  • Geiger Edelmetalle (LEV) in Germany and it's affiliate company 'Leipziger Edelmetallverarbeitungs GmbH' produce amazingly unique and high quality Gold and Silver. They have mastered security within their bullion, even adding invisible ink to verify authenticity by way of a UV black light. LEV also creates legal tender coins for other countries like Armenia and the Republic of Ghana.
  • Istanbul Gold Refinery (IGR) another London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) 'good delivery' gold refiner, this time hailing from Turkey. With offices in New York and Dubai, IGR has distributed Gold Bars in both minted and cast form globally since 2011. Recent efforts have been focused towards refining and minting Silver bullion as well.
  • Asahi Holdings a Precious Metal recycling company based in Tokyo, Japan purchased the famous Johnson Matthey Gold & Silver refineries in Salt Lake City, Utah as well as Brampton, Ontario. Upon purchase, JM's LBMA Good Delivery statuses were also transferred and today Asahi produces Bars and Rounds that share many similarities to the famous and now vintage Johnson Matthey bullion products. 
  • The Sunshine Mint Inc (SMI) which supplies blank Silver planchets to the U.S. Mint produce some high-security Gold Bar options for our Combination Crates. Sizes range from 1g, 5g, 10g, 20g and 1 troy ounce variations. They also create some excellent Gold and Silver rounds based off past designs of U.S. currency such as the 'Incuse Indian.' The Silver Incuse Indians are popular in our Generic Silver Crate.
  • Other Gold Coins, Bars and Rounds for sale are sourced by our purchasing department from virtually every corner of the planet. Popular Mints such as the Royal Canadian Mint, Perth Mint, Austrian Mint, and many more manufacturers of Gold bars. 

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The Award WInning 50/50 Crate LINEUP

  • South African Mint
  • Pobjoy Mint (UK)
  • Silvertowne
  • Scottsdale Mint
  • Bavarian State Mint
  • La Casa De Moneda (Mexican Mint)
  • And many more

The Silver Contents (Varies each month)

  • The 1 oz Silver Krugerrand from South Africa has been minted since 2017 and have hit the market in a big way. This Silver variant is the long awaited counterpart to the famous Gold Krugerrand which has been minted in various forms since the 70's. Extremely popular, in fact over $33 Billion dollars worth of Gold Krugerrand's were imported into the U.S. in the first 10 years of production alone.
  • The 1 oz Silver Leopard Shark as well as the Loggerhead Turtle, Chronos, Equilibrium and various aquatic themed Silver coins from Tokelau have made their fair share of appearances at Investor Crate. Tokelau, which is a tropical territory of New Zealand has been producing these sovereign Silver Coins through the British Pobjoy Mint since 2014.
  • The 1 oz Niue 'Athena Owl' Stacker Coins made by and the first official face value coin by the Silvertowne (a private mint based here in the U.S.) and licensed by the territory to produce this sovereign Silver coin. Other Niue coins such as the Disney themed coins, Marvel themed coins and Czech Lion (produced by the New Zealand Mint) are also popular options. 
  • The 1 oz Silver Barbados Trident which is another example of a privately owned domestic mint that produces legal tender on behalf of foreign countries. Scottsdale Mint is known world-wide for its craftsmanship and is contracted by countries such as Gibraltar, the Congo, Fiji, Cayman Islands, and Anguilla among others, to manufacturer legal tender bullion in both Gold and Silver variations.
  • The 1 oz Silver Elephant series which is unique in that each year the design and rendering of the Elephant is changed. Produced by the Bavarian State Mint in Munich on behalf of the Republic of Somalia come in both Gold and Silver. Sizes are diverse and can come in 1/50th, 1/25th, 1/10th, 1/2, 1, 2 and 5 troy oz.
  • The 1 oz Silver Libertad from the Mexican Mint have low annual mintage numbers and generally high premiums but remain a sought after piece in the Bullion industry. They come in many sizes and are available in proof set as well. Earlier Silver Libertads had a smaller diameter than an average 1 oz coin making them chunky and unique. The newer specimens, now have a much larger diameter than industry standard making these coins easily identifiable.
  • Other obvious Sovereign Silver Coins such as the American Silver Eagle, British Britannia, Canadian Maple leaf, Austrian Philharmonics and many more Sovereign Silver Coin products make their appearance in any of the various Investor Crates. 

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