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The Gold and Silver Combination Crate is our best selling subscription crate and for good reason. It contains Gold and Silver!

Gold & Silver Starter Pack (One-time)

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While our service has no commitment lengths or cancelation fees, or hassles for that matter, we do have our famous combination crate as a one-time purchase with no subscription!

Monster Packs (Orders $5,000+)

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Our Monster Pack line of products offers gold and silver options for up to $100,000 purchases using a bank wire. No pesky transaction fees on this one!

Fire Sale Deals

1/10 oz Gold Coin
1/10 oz Gold Coin

1/10 oz Gold Coin (Random Mint & Design)

1/4 oz Gold Coins
1/4 oz Gold Coins

1/4 oz Gold Coin (Random Mint & Design)

1/2 oz Gold Coins
1/2 oz Gold Coins

1/2 oz Gold Coin (Random Mint & Design)

1 oz Gold Coins
1 oz Gold Coins

1 oz Gold Coin (Random Mint & Design)

1/4 gram Gold MPM Round
1/4 gram Gold MPM Round

1/4 gram Gold round MPM (In Capsule)

1/2 gram Gold MPM Round
1/2 gram Gold MPM Round

1/2 gram Gold round MPM (In Capsule)

Multiple 1 gram Gold Bars
Multiple 1 gram Gold Bars

1 gram Gold (Random Mint & Design)

2.5 gram Gold Bars
2.5 gram Gold Bars

2.5 gram Gold Bar (Random Mint & Design)

5 gram Gold Argor Bar
5 gram Gold Bar
5 gram Gold Argor Bar
5 gram Gold Bar

5 gram Argor-Heraeus Gold Bar (In Assay)

10 gram Gold Bar
10 gram Gold Bar
10 gram Gold Bar
10 gram Gold Bar

10 gram Argor-Heraeus Gold Bar (In Assay)

Gold Bars Investor Crate
Gold Bars Investor Crate

1 oz Gold Bar (Random Mint & Design)

1 oz American Silver Eagle Coin
U.S. Mint ASE
1 oz American Silver Eagle Coin
U.S. Mint ASE

1 oz American Silver Eagle coin (RANDOM YEAR) BU


Gold Bullion for sale

Gold has been revered for its rarity, unique physical properties and has been recognized as a measure of wealth and prestige for all of recorded history. Due to it's unique characteristics it is not only traded as a form of currency but now more than ever traded for its vast industrial use far beyond jewelry, coinage and investing. Gold is used in the medical, automotive and computer chip and electronics industries all around the world. Gold and silver are facilitating your ability to read this on your smart phone or computer as a small example.

When it comes to investing in the yellowish heavy metal and gold ownership in general, there are many shapes, sizes and manufacturers to choose from. Investor Crate, having one of the largest inventories of gold products in the United States, carries virtually all gold products imagineable from bars, to coins and even to privately minted rounds. This is a brief list of some of the most popular gold bullion products by volume:

Most popular gold products

  • Gold Coins: Like the American Gold Eagle, Canadian Gold Maple Leaf and British Gold Britannia which come in sizes of 1/10 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/2 oz and 1 ounce sizes are some of the most popular government minted bullion options available.
  • Gold Bars: Such as 1 gram, 2.5 gram or 1 oz gold bars from companies like PAMP Suisse, Valcambi Suisse and Argor-Heraeus which usually carry a lower premium than coins, are the second most popular options when it comes to gold ownership.
  • Gold Rounds: Available in smaller sizes such as 1/4 gram, 1/2 gram and all the way up to 1 oz, gold rounds are produced by a number of private mints such as Monarch Precious Metals, Golden State Mint and Scottsdale Mint.  
  • Gold Casting Grain & Shot: Which usually come in 25 kilogram bags for use by manufacturers, casting shot is also available in smaller portions for backyard bullion operations.
  • Vintage Gold: As we mentioned previously, gold has been used as a currency for all of human history and over the years millions of tons of gold coins have been produced and vintage gold coins are still in circulation, great for any gold investor or collector. 

Silver coins, bars and rounds

Silver is the second most popular precious metal used for the purpose of money as well as industrial application and jewelry. In fact, gold and silver alloys are used in most electronics due to the conductivity of the combination of metals. Silver also has a very unique elemental property for a metal where it is actually an antimicrobial and studies have well documented its ability to kill bacteria, fungi and some viruses. This is a recent discovery and silver is making its way to the medical industry because of it.

Most iconic gold products are also made into a silver variant and the gold silver ratio being once as high as 1:100, silver is still very affordable. Meaning silver ownership and buying silver is within the budget of any investor.

Most popular silver items in stock

  • Silver Coins: The American Silver Eagle, Australian Silver Kangaroo and Austrian Silver Philharmonic are only a few variants of popular government minted silver coins from all around the globe.
  • Silver Bars: Available in a huge array of sizes, as small as 1 single grain all the way up to 1000 ounces, silver bars are an extremely popular mode of silver investing. Most recently manufacturers such as Nadir Rafenri, Asahi and the Germania Mint have increased their output to meet silver demand.
  • Silver Rounds: Silver rounds and commemoratives have been extremely popular since the 80's and are produced by domestic private mints based here in the U.S.. Popular rounds include the 1 oz Silver Buffalo Round, 1 oz Silver Morgan Round and mint branded silver rounds which have been minted by dozens of mints and are available in fractional silver sizes such as 1/10 oz, 1/4 oz and 1/2 oz.
  • Silver shot & casting granules: If you've ever considered hand pouring your own bars and branding them with your family name or wanted to buy silver for as low as .45 cents over spot, then refined .999+ silver grain has likely been on your radar before. 
  • 90% Silver: Available only in our U.S. Constitutional Crate and on our Fire Sale page, pre-1965 U.S. coins that contain .900 silver are another popular, low premium item bought en masse by our customers. 

Other popular precious metals manufacturers

  • Rand Refinery (South Africa)
  • Credit Suisse Bank (Switzerland)
  • Republic Metal Corporation (Florida, US)
  • Sunshine Mint (Idaho, US)
  • Geiger Edelmetalle (Germany)
  • Umicore (Belgium)
  • Istanbul Gold Refinery  (Turkey)