Gold, Silver and Platinum Giveaway

Investor Crate is a veteran-owned small business that specializes in monthly gold and silver bullion boxes. In the early days, we use to conduct small giveaways on social media which later led to a 1-kilogram Gold Bar giveaway to celebrate our second year in business. Giving back to the stacker community is something we enjoy, so keep this page book marked as we will release new giveaways on the 1st of every month! Thank you for all the support over the years.

Get Bullion Every Month!

Automatic Monthly Deliveries

Precious Metal Subscription Boxes.
Check out our options in regard to our monthly, recurring boxes. Select a price tier that suits your budget on the product pages!

One-time Starter Packs

Try it before you subscribe.
Most of our subscription boxes are available as 'trial packs' that do not set you up on a recurring billing cycle. Keep in mind though, there are no contracts with our subscriptions and you can cancel at any time.

Monster Pack ($5,000 +)

Go big or go home.
Trying to avoid pesky credit card transaction fees while building a Lincoln Log castle of bullion bars or monster boxes? Got you covered!