The U.S. Standard Crate
The U.S. Standard Crate
The U.S. Standard Crate
The U.S. Standard Crate

The U.S. Standard Crate

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 So, you have a 401k, equity within your house and a savings CD? Well, welcome to the shinier side of investing. Now, your goal is to have a handful of physical wealth in the form of coins and bars. Investor Crate offers a convenient solution to help build your very own store of wealth that historically has had an amazing return.

The U.S. Standard Crate is designed for the folks who love American Made precious metal. The United States Mint places the utmost scrutiny on quality and the coins are absolutely stunning. You will find American Silver Eagles in each months crate and possibly some third party minted fractionals to make up any remaining value of your purchase. Gold American Double Eagles will only be found in crates of $1000 or above. 


You would benefit from this in that,

  • You receive low bulk wholesale premiums with any size crate. This is something we extend to every customer.
  • Convenient monthly American Silver Eagles sent directly to your door each month.
  • A great savings method in the form of American Silver or Gold that has increased in value for 70% of all trading days in the last 50 years.
  • Fine investor grade Silver of .999 purity and Fine Gold.
  • As an added bonus, 1 in 1000 crates will randomly receive a free 1 oz piece of Gold Bullion.


At Investor Crate, we know weight and purity is all that matters and we do not add any premiums on to any product. Our fulfillment and purchasing team are world class in that they negotiate and levy our buying power to get the most precious stuff in each and every crate.


If you need any help or have any questions about the service we offer, do not hesitate to contact us. We are a veteran owned and operated business and based right here in the USA, a small idea that turned into a pillar in the world of finance. Thank you for your business.

There is absolutely no contractual obligation or cancellation fee associated with our subscription. We purposely made cancellation an easy task, available as a self-service on your Investor Crate account or contact support and we will immediately discontinue your subscription. Please visit our FAQ page for more information.