Type 2 American Silver Eagles
Type 1 and 2 American Silver Eagles
American Silver Eagles U.S. Mint
1/10th oz American Gold Eagle
Gold and Silver from the U.S. Mint
1/4 oz American Gold Eagle
United States Mint Subscription
Type 2 American Silver Eagles
Type 1 and 2 American Silver Eagles
American Silver Eagles U.S. Mint
1/10th oz American Gold Eagle
Gold and Silver from the U.S. Mint
1/4 oz American Gold Eagle
United States Mint Subscription

Investor Crate

The U.S. Standard Crate

A lot of people stack silver and if your like me, you stack the only logical choice for silver. Queue loud eagle noises and heavy metal music. Introducing, the U.S. Standard Crate!!! This particular crate is similar to all of our offerings except each month you get a haul of American Silver Eagles hot off the press at one of the United States Mint locations. Smash that drop down menu, pick your price and we'll get it out to you each month.

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What comes in it?

Based on spot price and fair market premiums (which have come down tremendously lately) our traders place a wholesale order for a pallet of ASE monster boxes, which we then break down and divvy up amongst the U.S. Standard subscribers. Included might also be some silver fractionals which we use to get your order up to the closest possible dollar value for what you paid.

Approximate premium of American Silver Eagles at Investor Crate.*


Approximate premium of American Silver Eagles at APMEX.*

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Unbeatable Service

There is a lot of funny business in the precious metals industry. This is why, when we founded Investor Crate in 2017, we knew we had a real shot at a succesful start up. There were far to many aspects to save clients money and services and methods to improve upon.

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Dollar Cost Average

Investing is a long term endeavor. Why not average the cost over the years?

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A whopping 89% customer retention that stay with us over 1 year. That's a real stat, too.

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Physical Hard Asset

Gold & Silver is quite the unique investment. Remember, if you can't hold it, you don't own it.



You also get exclusive, member-only access to our add-ons page, to add more loot to your box.

The Most Trusted Name in Precious Metals.

In the last 8 years, we have sent over 500,000 troy ounces of Gold & Silver to over 100,000 subscribers even being casted for a start-up, entrepreneur TV show, The Blox. While we credit our subscribers and their feedback with the companies success in quickly becoming the most trusted name in the industry for dollar cost averaging your investment.

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Monthly Deliveries

Dollar Cost Average instead of timing the market.

Our Customers

Read actual customer testimony about our team and the service they've provided over the years.

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About Investor Crate

Investor Crate is a veteran-owned and operated business based in the United States and founded in 2017. As a team we share a love of investing, precious metals, country, family and god. Integrity and transparency is of utmost importance and we pride ourselves on being fluid, adjusting focus and staying in touch with our clients and their feedback. By doing so, we together have innovated upon the industry we all share love for. Keep on stacking!

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We don't want future you kickin' yourself for not starting '2-3 years ago.' We have all been there. Let's get you signed up and building a pile of Gold, so future you is happy.

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Claim is based on the comparison of the list price of a 1 oz American Silver Eagle 2/9/2024, between our website and the top retailer by sales. No sales or promotional were on-going at the time and price was based on standard one quantity purchase using a credit card.*