Platinum Bullion

Platinum Bullion on sale

While we probably miss out on promotional sales and other marketing tactics, consider this our marketing attempt. "The Fire Sale page, where everything is always on sale." In fact, the word sale suggests it's discounted but still profitable. Not this stuff, the prices you see are the prices we paid.

The Fire Sale is simply our overstock inventory leftover from the current months fulfillment of our subscription and starter crate products. In addition to this, the Investor Crate Plus membership fee is used to buy more product to then list here and accomodate the new member. In addition to this, the precious metal products purchased here, arrive with your next subscription, saving from further annoying fees from things like postage.

What kind of Platinum Bullion can I buy?

Platinum bullion like its gold and silver predecessors come in many forms suchs as coins, bars and even rounds. Below is a small list of platinum coins that get listed here:

  • 1 oz American Platinum Eagle Coin  - U.S. Mint Platinum available in several traditional sizes. Not much to be said as it's a product of the United States Mint so awesomeness is pretty much guaranteed.
  • 1 oz Isle of Man Platinum Noble - Only made from 1983 to 1989, many say the Isle of Man Platinum Coin was the first platinum bullion coin specifically designed as an investment. Produced by the Pobjoy Mint, these are quite common on the secondary market and an Investor Crate favorite. 
  • 1 oz British Platinum Britannia - Available in 1/10th oz and 1 troy oz, the British Britannias flagship design is also available in platinum. A solid choice as are any Royal Mint products. 
  • 1 oz Australian Platinum Kangaroo - Investors love the different portrait designs on each mintage year of the Kangaroo series and we love that they are available in a variety of metal types. The Platinum Kangaroo, comprised of .9995 purity is a fan favorite and in addition to this design, coins like the Kookaburra are also available in Platinum. 
  • 1 oz Austrian Platinum Philharmonic   Having a roll of both gold, silver and platinum Philharmonics, makes sense and comes highly recommended from us!

Platinum Bars for sale online

In addition to platinum bullion coins, platinum bars are available in a plethora of weights. From 1 gram in size ranging upwards of a kilogram, there is likely a platinum bar size within your budget.

While platinum is a little trickier than gold or silver to refine, melt and create bullion out of, there is still a large list of platinum bar manufacturers we purchase from. Here is some of the common ones:

  • Royal Mint Refinery
  • Engelhard
  • Royal Mint Platinum Bars 
  • PAMP Suisse
  • Baird & Co
  • Johnson Matthey
  • Argor-Heraeus

Platinum Rounds as an investment

And of course there are platinum rounds. While, these are pretty rare, far and few in between they do exist. Although infrequent we do manage to find platinum rounds from manufacturers such as Scotiabank, Engelhard and Swiss Shooting Thalers from time to time on the secondary precious metals market.

Investor Crate Plus

If you require more information on Investor Crate Plus or would like to know how to sign up, reach out to a support representative. We'd love to help. If you have any feedback or suggestions on some platinum bullion products you'd like us to list here, let us know and we can make it happen!