Pick Monthly Vault Allocation

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As low as $50
per month!

Gold Vault Box

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Silver Coins from
around the world.

Silver Vault Box

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Get Gold
and Silver!

Gold/Silver Vault Box

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Diversify with

Platinum Vault Box


On-site Storage

Investor Crate +

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Store your metals at our secure facility for easy liquidation and get 3 months of storage for free.

Join Investor Crate +

Monthly contributions,
wholesale add-ons!

Welcome to the absolute, hands down,
easiest (and cheapest) way to acquire
 and build your net worth in a
solid, tried and true asset.

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Physically delivered alternatives

The Gold Crate

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Monthly Gold Bullion Deliveries
Keep a flow of monthly bullion coins, bars or rounds, low premiums and a huge variety directly from refiners, banks, governments and precious metal recyclers.

The Silver Crate

Silver Coins from around the world
Not just a sound investment, this offering from Investor Crate nabs you loads of government minted Silver from around the world.

Gold & Silver Crate

Why stack just Gold?
Our most popular physical delivery crate by far, the aptly named "Combo Crate," is the best of both worlds with gold and silver flowing in each month.

Starter Packs (One-time)

Not quite sold on a subscription yet?
Check out our Starter Pack lineup that emulates our subscription crates without the recurring billing cycle. Keep in mind, we don't have any contracts or cancelation fees though!

Monster Packs ($5,000 +)

Need serious weight?
For our clients looking to stack some serious weight, check out our Monster Pack line for orders up to $100,000.


Wholesale Precious Metals.
Looking to add additional loot to each months subscription crate or vaulted contribution? Check out our add-ons page.

You can add these items to your monthly contribution!

1 gram Gold (Random Mint & Design)
1 gram Gold (Random Mint & Design)
1 gram Gold (Random Mint & Design)
1 gram Gold (Random Mint & Design)

1 gram Gold (Random Mint & Design)

1 oz American Silver Eagle Coin
U.S. Mint ASE
1 oz American Silver Eagle Coin
U.S. Mint ASE

1 oz American Silver Eagle coin (RANDOM YEAR) BU

1 oz Silver Bars
1 oz Silver Bars

1 oz Silver Bar (Random Mint & Design)

Variety of Silver Rounds
Multiple 1 oz Silver Rounds
Variety of Silver Rounds
Multiple 1 oz Silver Rounds

1 oz Silver Round (Random Mint & Design)


Why Vault my Gold and Silver?

The majority of folks prefer physical delivery and at home storage of their precious metals. However, some folks are only worried about gold and silvers potential upside, do not want to hassle with safely storing their metals and want an easy solution to liquidation when the time is right. Investor Crate is the only platform that offers an easy way to store precious metals and contribute monthly to your precious metal portfolio. In addition to this, we offer fair market value (spot) with premiums on your bullion when it's time to sell. If you change your mind at any time and wish to take possession of your precious metals, let us know and we can pack up your safety deposit box and ship out to you.

How do I know how much I have or if the metals even exist?

Upon purchase, you will have a special contact directly to the vault where you can request inventory, picture proof and/or physical delivery of your entire portfolio. Some items such as bars, graded coins and add-on items are serialized, so you can hold us accountable that way. You'll also receive a quarterly update we call the "stack status," that'll give you an update about your physical metal and the approximate spot and buy back value.

Can I cancel if I decide I want to?

Investor Crate, while a subscription company, is committed to the utmost flexibility and good business practices. You can cancel at any time for any reason with zero hassle from us. Upon canceling, you can either decide to liquidate the metal you have stored in our vault or you can request delivery of your gold, silver and platinum. We do not have a sales force or retention team, we let our reputation speak for ourselves and will not bother you in any way if you decide to discontinue any of our services. No funny business here, just a fun and easy to use service from us.