Join the Crew

With competitive wages and great benefits comes a demand for highly self-sufficient individuals who are capable of multi-tasking, trouble shooting and blazing their own path. All employees have an understanding of each moving part of our company and must be able to run and manage all aspects of operations. The key to our company's success is hiring people who do not need to be led. This philosophy has led our company into periods of optimization with all employees input put to the test, which has led to an extremely efficient business. Ever think about an old job and have hundreds of ideas to make the environment and operations better? Then we want you!

Humble beginnings and a $3,000 loan as the original two employees work out of a friend's garage.

Unconventional Hiring

Our hiring process is simple. We require the typical background checks and resume submission. However, we require a detailed report on how, if hired, you'd make the workplace a better place to work, as well as a detailed analysis on how we can make a better company with the client in mind. How can we cut costs to get more metal into our customers crates? How can we deliver a better product? Could we introduce better product offerings? These are just a few things we want to hear about.

Veteran Preference

Investor Crate, LLC is an equal opportunity employer that does not discriminate based on race, gender, sexual preference or religion and while we do offer a veteran preference during our hiring process, the main deciding factor is based on who is most qualified for the job. Remember, we do not necessarily hire for specific positions, instead, we hire folks with an entrepreneurial mindset who wants to learn and adapt to all the ins and outs of business.

The very first 15 orders after our "1 free American Silver Eagle with any purchase" promo during launch! Circa 2017.

"Despite workloads being intense the atmosphere is laid back. I came here for a job and stayed for the innovation where your ideas and opinions can flourish. So much so, in fact, I had an idea to open a niche marketing business, which was fully facilitated by the leadership here. I now own my own marketing business and Investor Crate has actually become a client. The main focus here is the clients but the employees truly have the final say in all things operational, which has added to the success of this enterprise."

Nick Hargrave, Director of Marketing

From receiving less that 100 ounces of Silver to receiving half a million-dollar orders to divvy up among our growing subscriber base.


Currently, we have facilities in St. George, UT, Manchester, NH, and Houston, TX with another expansion on the way (location TBD). At this time, we do not have any remote work positions available.

Are We Hiring?

Currently, we are not hiring at this time. Check back frequently as we do periodically post listings here.