Live and Historic Precious Metal Prices, Market Charts, and Data

Investor Crate market spot charts allows you to view live precious metals data as well as historic prices over the last 70 years.

What is spot price?

Spot price is determined by the London Bullion Market Association using data from theoretical, provisional and future commodity contracts. These contracts encompass buy and sell orders as well as mining contracts. This helps to gauge current and future supply and demand which deduces the market spot price.

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Precious Metals Spot Prices and Charts

Precious Metals have been traded and recognizes as the one true currency throughout all of recorded human history. In the last century, gold, silver and platinum prices have been tracked meticulously as uses beyond a trade currency has expanded demand. Now precious metals plays a pivotal role in many industries such as the aerospace industry, automotive industry and a broad range of uses in virtually all electronics.

Factors that move the graphs

Commodities vary in price based on supply and demand. While both of these have many variables there are a few major ones that commodity investors look at. The two factors that effect supply are production at the refiner and mint levels and the various mining operations and their outputs respectfully. The factors surrounding demand are a bit more complicated but the main factor are futures which are essentially promises to purchase a set amount of gold, silver, platinum or a combination thereof at a particular price point.

In instances of market volatility in non-commodity indices, large and sudden bids can are usually placed by hedge funds and banks to prevent losses in those other markets. Beyond instances like this and inflation, precious metals in general are pretty docile in terms of fluctuations.

Dollar Cost Average

Because precious metals are regarded as a safe haven investment, most people dollar cost average their precious metals investment. DCA is an investment strategy of purchasing all year long effectively garnering that average annual price of the target asset. This is the model Investor Crate is based on and is why we have quickly grown to become one of the largest bullion retailers in the United States that serves tens of thousands of monthly precious metal investors, collectors and stackers.