An early investor and partner of our company passed away in 2018 due to lung cancer. Since then, we have launched a two-pronged war on cancer by launching a similar business in terms of structure, but one of which will allow us to donate to various cancer research programs. While there are many great non-profits, we have decided to donate only to organizations that work towards finding some kind of cure.

Coincidentally, the company is a vitamin company that focus not only on providing a high-quality vitamin subscription but with loads of online resources to help you suceed in living a healthy lifestyle.

Who knows, you could be one of our customers and don't even know it!

Tyler in Army uniform
                 In loving memory of Robert K. Robinson

Wounded Warrior Project

Veterans have to help veterans

In addition to our "war on cancer" and vitamin company, we are also corporate sponsors of the Wounded Warrior Project. Veterans have to help veterans and if you have served, you know why this is such an important duty. Thank you to all who have served this great nation.