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"We all know a need or problem; encourages creative efforts to meet the need, or solve a problem. This is the foundation that built Investor Crate. In a world where investing a dollar is so complicated and exchanges through so many hands, by the time that dollar is invested, it has decreased it's worth by 50%.

We pioneered a simple way to invest and we made it fun to do."

Investor Crate -- Your Treasure Is Here!

        -Makayla Joanne , CEO

Investor Crate started off with its founder and now Chief Operations Officer, Tyler Robinson. During his military career he use to exchange his paycheck from the Army, for boxes of U.S. Quarters. During his downtime in the barracks he would spend all afternoon sifting through 'roll hunting' looking for pre-1965 quarters which are made primarily of Silver. He would then change in those quarters at local coin shops for a profit. 


We started off as

a very small business

The profit was used to avoid the Army food and to increase his nutritional intake in order to meet and exceed physical demands during training. 

After injuries overseas and exiting the military, Tyler linked up with two lifelong friends, who helped turn Investor Crate into a thriving business. "We have to spread the wealth," said Tyler, "If we buy bulk and send bullion at those prices, then everyone can eat, just like I did." He has also maintained a strict policy of staffing at least 2/3rd veteran personnel since our inception. 

Tyler in Army uniform







$16MM +





The people that

made us possible

Makayla at fundraiser

Makayla 'Capone' Joanne

President and Chief Executive Officer

Previous experience in law counsel and legal matters of all calibers, Makayla now serves as the Chief Executive Officer at Investor Crate. Her hard-line approach has moved Investor Crate in directions we never could have imagined. Innovation is key and she has optimized our ability to better serve you.

Tyler in Afghanistan

Tyler 'Mortar Rob' Robinson

Founder and Chief Operations Officer

Experienced Chief Operating Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the investment bullion industry as well as industrial metals. Skilled in management, strategic planning, leadership, operational planning, and security.  

Nick in Afghanistan

Nick 'the Hero' Hargrave

Director of Marketing

With a creative background in digital design, web development and a passion for the Precious Metal industry, Nick is probably the reason you know about us. A cherished friend and pillar of operations here at IC.

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Our Customers


We are still a new company and can not believe the support our customers have given us. It is because of you, we are able to work in an industry we all share a passion for. Our level of appreciation is not something we take for granted and truly is why we continue to improve our service every day. Let's continue making Investor Crate the premiere way to invest in Precious Metals!