Coronavirus Update - A Golden Pandemic?

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Global Markets and Consequences.

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Coronavirus infect animals

Impacts of Global Events

Potential economic impact leads to investors eyeing Gold. January saw lower overall gains in the oil sector, but one commodity always shines in economic uncertainty. Gold.

If you keep up with trends or have looked at historical charts and data, you’ll notice that when global events that have even the smallest chance to cause economic uncertainties to occur, the demand for Gold rises. With the demand for output increasing the price also increases. Demand usually increases first with your more paranoid investors jumping the gun on breaking news headlines, cashing in some high-risk stocks and moving those funds over to Gold. As the news spreads, more and more investors follow suit. If the news headlines do not turn out to be alarmist, click-baiting, media overreactions, which they usually are; this causes huge gains in Precious Metal markets. These gains can be for the commodity themselves, as wells as mining contracts and futures.

This is why more and more investors begin monthly subscriptions with us here at Investor Crate. We are a proven method for dollar-cost averaging your investment over-time, so there is no need to quickly cash in alternative investments, stocks, and bonds, risking those funds by moving over to Gold. This helps hedge against falling victim to media overreactions buying you more time to wait the headlines out.

While global events like the Coronavirus outbreak might seem like good news for the Gold and Silver bugs who have been stockpiling the commodity. This often means a recession and sometimes actual human suffering, isolated or globally. 

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The Latest Update

  • 12 confirmed cases of the virus in the U.S.
  • 2 cruise ships with over 20 confirmed cases on-board are now on lock down.
  • All personnel flying in from the Wuhan Province in China are under mandatory lock down at March Air Force Base. 4 of which are now showing signs of the illness.
  • The virus has now been confirmed to have spread to 26 different countries.

It has been reported that cases have risen to over 28,000 infected by the virus in China. Out of those infected, just over 900 have survived the full term of the illness and over 560 people have died due to the virus. Though there is much controversy surrounding the accuracy of these reports from the Chinese State ran television. Skeptics cite multiple instances in the past where coverups and lies have been purposely spread by Chinese State ran media sources. There is also much mystery surrounding disappearances and arrests of people leaking footage of body lined hospital hallways and body bag filled buses and trucks in China.

Chinese officials have vehemently argued against these allegations, stating that life in China is completely normal, despite footage of huge cities that appear to be empty. It’s also important to note that the original whistleblower doctor who tried to warn the international community and Chinese officials about this new ‘pneumonia-like’ flu, has died of the Corona Virus. 

Gold and Silver hedging for inflation.

Physical Precious Metals. Gold, Silver and Platinum Bullion at an IC facility circa 2019.

'2.5 Billion infected and 50+ million dead in 45 days!'

 AI is also being used to try and project the spread, death toll and rate of infected we might expect, though doctors and researchers have called the artificial intelligence programs unreliable. Although robust, these programs can not account for the wide range of variables that can occur during a pandemic. Another important note is the internet itself is turning into one huge advertisement, (buy Investor Crate stuff) so a company that claims to have an AI computer that can predict stuff like stock and crypto prices might use big headlines like ‘2.5 billion infected and 50+ million dead in 45 days’ as a way to get you to click on an article they paid to have written. These articles then have links to their products all over the website your on. In fact, many times, "news articles" you read online are paid advertisements. It's just not advertised as an advertisement. Anyone familiar with SEO is nodding there head in agreeance right now. People just realizing this now might be wondering if this is an ad. (Buy Investor Crate stuff.)

But, there is always a thin line between overreacting and being under prepared. Just as you do with investments, make sure to take care and conduct your due diligence when consuming news, media, advice, or otherwise before making any decisions. Don’t be the last to react and don’t be the first to overreact. 

The Downside of a Global Economy.

As the world moves quickly to a global community there is much to learn and adjust for. With communities being more and more connected, the variables and potential causes for economic turmoil increase. In fact, in the last 60 days, headlines have affected markets around the world. Here are a few examples you might remember.

  • 'U.S. China Trade War at a Stale Mate.'
  • 'U.S. airstrike kills Iran Top Military General.'
  • 'President Trump Impeached by the House.'
  • 'Coronavirus Outbreak - Global Pandemic?'

Though, it can be argued that most markets are doing fine. Germany, which has the largest economy in Europe, has lifted itself out of a potential recession. The U.S. economy has gone vertical and has broken every record under the Trump administration. The Chinese market has been and remains shaken due to this possible pandemic but still shows resilience.

Precious Metals - Gold and Silver Bullion

Not only does Silver have anti-bacterial properties (it really does, so stock up!) the Coronavirus and sudden, seemingly out of the blue events as noted above, really shows the importance of having physical ownership of your metal. Keeping a steady flow of metal every month now, can quickly, over-time amass a great deal of wealth that can not only hedge against inflation but safeguard from events unfolding quicker than you can prepare for. This financial preparedness holds and can prove to be as important as your surplus of food, water, and other emergency essentials.

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This blog is not intended as informational and is not to be considered investment advice. This is the authors' sole opinion. Any purchases or financial decisions should always be made after consulting with your certified financial advisor. This blog is for entertainment purposes only.

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How it works

The Precious Metals industry relies on moving large volumes of gold to be profitable. To incentivize this the mints and manufacturers give price breaks on large wholesale orders. With this, our precious metals trading desk places large orders at the beginning of the month and then break down and divide up the shipments to our clients and subscriber base. This is how we are able to provide a huge variety of gold bullion products at such a low premium.

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It is important to note that gold bullion is different from jewelry as it is much purer and with only a few exceptions, not made into an alloy. And gold in its pure form is easily damaged by bending, scratching and denting due to its malleability. Protect your investment with safe handling and storing procedures and for Investor Crate Plus members add some Cotton Gloves or Protective Coin capsules and tubes to your cart today.

Other Items

Investor Crate truly believes in getting each client the most precious metals for the dollar as possible, this is why some silver pieces may be found inside of your Gold Crate each month. If silver is present, this is because there was a tiny remaining dollar value left over after we used the smallest fractional gold piece we stock. 

Adding additional bullion to your order

Throughout the month you can add addition bullion to arrive with your next Investor Crate order. For more information on how to do this either tab over to the Investor Crate Plus tab or check out this page for more information. We also have support staff available and a detailed FAQ page for you to explore.

Thank you for supporting our small veteran owned company.

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  • AnonymousMar 22, 2023

    Thank you for this important information. I will tell other coin investors to read this blog.

  • AnonymousFeb 13, 2023

    Interesting article about world events affecting precious metal prices. Reminds me of the middle east wars in the 70’s causing gold prices to hit all time highs

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