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Dollar-cost Averaging: The idea behind Investor Crate

This article is not intended to be financial advice and should not be used as such. Dollar cost averaging is an old idea commonly used in a wide range of investing. This article is meant to share with you, the idea and theory behind Investor Crate. We recommend all clients seek financial advisement from a certified financial adviser before utilizing ANY portion of our service.

Dollar-cost averaging is the idea that buying all year, despite valleys and peaks in the market price, garners you, approximately that years annual average market price. It should be clear that Precious Metals as a vehicle of investment is not as volatile as things like Crypto Currency. Although, in rare instances we do sometimes see large increases or decreases in market spot price. Events like this have been speculated and in some cases proven to be a manufactured crisis, like the case of the Hunt Brothers in 1980 when the Silver prices rose a staggering 713%.

Precious Metals have a few associated investment strategies that we have talked about in the past, but the most common is that of a long term holding. Over the years, like most anything, the value and price goes up, some relate this closely with inflation. Therefore we do not frequently see commodity ‘day trading,’ because you generally won’t see a gain of 70% over night like Bitcoin. There is also much less signals to successfully speculate increases like this in the metal market like you might find in the Stock Market. For example, you won’t see corporate earning reports, a change or death of leadership or new product release announcement that might indicate some sort of change in the market.

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The theory and success behind Investor Crate

'Post Trading Stress Disorder'

Besides having such a tightly knit team that would put most companies to shame, which is comprised of over 50% of Military Veterans who value service and integrity. The idea behind Investor Crate was not to try and speculate or time the perfect moment to place a purchase order. Instead, the idea was poised to solve two issues in the Precious Metals industry.

The first issue was premiums over Gold, Silver and Platinum bullion prices. As you might know, the typical Gold Coin starts as raw ore, it then moves to a refinery, then a mint, then a retailer or broker, then into your safe or IRA account. Each time it transfer custody the price slowly rise. This is to cover the costs of mining, refining, minting and retail or broker wages. This was solved by cutting out the middleman. We go in much more depth of this process in a few of our other blogs.

The second and most important issue our service solves is dollar-cost averaging. This takes much of the grunt work out of purchasing precious metals, largely cuts out the middleman and keeps a steady flow which is priority number one. We all know the thousand-yard stare into the market ticker. Instead of giving you guys Post Trading Stress Disorder, we’ll pass that onto our purchasing department and save you the hassle. 

Candle Stick Market Chart

Candlestick charts are used to show changes in a single day. If there are 20 trading days in a month, there will be 20 candle sticks. 

About Dollar-Cost Averaging

Dollar-cost averaging (DCA) is the systematic interval trading over time, similar to value trading, the idea is to minimize downside risk in turbulent and volatile markets. This is useful for a casual gold bug or silver bug in that consumption of information on the industry is cut down. It also allows you to focus on other things in your life instead of the aforementioned stare into the market abyss.

To put the idea into perspective, common investments that have this similar idea in mind are things like a 401k, IRAs and other retirement accounts. This is based on investing money as you get it and these accounts, like the commodity market, is a long-term over time investment.

Some literature and advisers will urge an investment of a lump sum but then tell you not to put all of your eggs in the same basket and have you sign a disclaimer that is about a mile long. Large sum investments by a broker generally equates to a large commission, so this will benefit the firm. Though with that said, this method is very commonly used and is used very successfully most of the time.

We will never recommend or advise which method of an investing is better, or try to analyze and decide which is the best for you. As a company, we decided long ago, that we would not speculate or sell our product using predatory persuasion techniques. We simply set out to create a fun and useful service that allows you to keep a steady flow of our favorite, shiny commodity. Enjoy!

If you liked this blog, have an idea for a blog or would like us to elaborate on something more in depth, let us know! Also, if you found this blog helpful don’t forget to share it across social media with your friends! 

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  • The Big Bar Crate
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Type 2 American Silver Eagles
Type 2 American Silver Eagles
Type 1 and 2 American Silver Eagles
American Silver Eagles U.S. Mint
1/10th oz American Gold Eagle
Gold and Silver from the U.S. Mint
1/4 oz American Gold Eagle
United States Mint Subscription

The U.S. Standard Crate

The U.S. Standard Crate

This product is recurring and ships on the 15th of each month.

The U.S. Standard Crate contains gold and silver bullion produced from the United States Mint. Gold is not always present in the U.S. Standard Crate and will never be present in crates under the $250 tier. You can adjust the price tier in the drop down menu above. Generally speaking, this crate contains American Silver Eagles only, though American Gold Eagles and American Gold Buffalos do occasionally make an appearance.

How it works

Each month we purchase a large amount of precious metals products on the wholesale market and then divide the product up among our subscriber base. Included in this purchase is a large quantity of United States Mint products that gets fulfilled across a variety of products we offer, including the U.S. Standard Crate. This is based on a group buy and dollar cost average which helps bring down markups and the overall premium down across all products.

Each month on the 1st, billing is conducted. Orders are prepared and shipped on the 15th of each month.

The most common item in this crate is the American Silver Eagle.

United States Mint Silver

  • American Silver Eagle (Type 1) - Starting in 1986 and ending in 2021, the type 1 ASE was minted millions of time and is easily one of the most recognized bullion coins in the world. It is only available in 1 troy ounce size.
  • American Silver Eagle (Type 2) - Starting in 2021 and carrying on to this day, the "type 2" ASE has an other than original portrait of the male American bald eagle on its obverse side and is now the flagship silver piece in the U.S. Mints arsenal.

No 90% or 40% silver coins produced by the United States Mint is available in this crate. If you are interested in junk silver, please see our Constitutional Crate.

United States Mint Gold

  • American Gold Eagle (Type 1) - Available in mintage dates of 1986 through to 2021, the AGE is essentially the gold version of the extremely popular American Silver Eagle and is the iconic investment grade bullion coin minted by the U.S. government. Available in 1/10 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/2 oz and 1 troy oz.
  • American Gold Eagle (Type 2) - In 2021, the AGE also under went a slight design alteration with the rear of the coins scene of our national bird the American Bald Eagle. Also available in all sizes.
  • American Gold Buffalo - First struck in 2006, the American Gold Buffalo is the first .9999 (yes, 4-9's) offering by the U.S. Mint and borrows the iconic 1913 Buffalo Nickle design. Currently available in 1 troy ounce sizes only. 
  • Other Gold Coins - In rare instances, we may get a few boxes of spouse coins, proof sets or commemorative gold coins by the U.S. Mint but only if the price is fair for the customers as our focus is on delivering weight vs. overpriced special edition and short runs.

Other bullion products from Investor Crate

In virtually every crate and pack offering by Investor Crate a small amount of silver fractionals in the form of silver rounds, coins or bars may be present. We use these smaller bits of silver to 'round off' each SKU to the closest possible dollar amount so we get you with the most bang for your buck. There is no remainder or dollar value left over at the end of the month.

Adding additional bullion to your order

We also have a premium retail outlet that gives customers the ability to add additional bullion products to arrive with their crate. The items listed on this outlet is overstock inventory from the current months wholesale order. We place these items up at cost so their is amazing, low premium deals, updated each month on that side of our site. If you'd like to learn more about this and are interested in adding bars, coins or extra American Silver Eagles to your order, check out this page.

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  • Carl HarrisMar 22, 2023

    Nice article, Dollar-cost averaging is a strategy in which you invest your money in equal amounts, say $250 per month, regardless of the market’s direction or a particular investment. Therefore, it is a better investment. I refer to some articles that explain well, but you did very well.

  • AnonymousMar 22, 2023

    Awesome information for anybody interested this kind of investments.

  • AnonymousFeb 13, 2023

    I don’tbelieve dollar cost averaging is good advice for an experienced precious metals investor – a great way to loose lots of money. An experienced investor that understands the ups and downs of themarket can do so much better using their knowledge than planned buying at any price DCA.

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