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What's Investor Crate Plus?

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Investor Crate Plus gives you the ability to add extra bullion to your monthly precious metals subscription crate.

Fire Sale

Fire Sale page is exclusive access to our overstock inventory which we unload each month at cost to our premium members.

Priority Fulfillment

Investor Crate Plus member crates are fulfilled first by seasoned fulfillment staff ensuring first to ship priority and order accuracy.

No contracts

Investor Crate doesn't have any contracts and the IC Plus membership is no different. You can always cancel your membership and subscription at any time without fees or hassles.

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1 oz Silver South African Krugerrand
1 oz Silver Coin
1 oz Silver South African Krugerrand
1 oz Silver Coin

1 oz South African Silver Krugerrand Coin (Random Year)


Wholesale Precious Metals

During a fulfillment cycle, Investor Crate places large orders with mints, importers and suppliers around the globe. Once our various depositories receive the Precious Metals, the base Investor Crate subscriber orders are fulfilled. After this, generally on the 15th of each month, a thorough inventory is conducted, and all the remaining metal is then placed on the Fire Sale page at cost. This means, there is no additional mark up.

Additional service fees, handling fees and shipping fees are also avoided because these items ship within your next month's subscription crate. The idea is based on the wholesale department store business model and the annual membership fee is simply used to add extra bullion to ensure Investor Crate Plus members have a fair shot at the overstock precious metals inventory.

Gold and Silver at spot

Often times, we will have such a large overstock inventory, we will list certain products at spot. We are able to do this from sheer volume as well as business efficiency so, we often lose money on the spot deals, but we can absorb that loss. This business tactic of not being greedy is extremely rare in the world but we value the excitement and opportunity to help our customers save over profits. This is truly the benefit of being a small veteran-owned company and as long as the lights stay on here, we are happy to continue delivering this type of service.

Benefits of Investor Crate Plus

  • Priority fulfillment.
  • Access to the Fire Sale page.
  • Access to spot deals.
  • No volume limits.
  • No volume tiered pricing.
  • No fluctuating pricing.

Requirements for Investor Crate Plus

In order to utilize Investor Crate Plus, you must first have an active subscription crate. This is how we bypass any additional shipping charge and other associated fees because the bullion purchased as a premium member simply arrive with your crate. In addition to having an active subscription crate, there is a $100, non-recurring annual membership fee that is good for 365 days from the date of purchase.