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Sovereign Gold Coins

Gold Sovereigns for sale

Gold British Sovereign coins, pre-1933 U.S. Gold and other vintage gold coins are very affordable and abundant currently and these deals will not likely last into the future. These are also excellent representations of how sound money was created using precious metals. These aren't only investment and collector pieces, these are amazing pieces of history.

Some vintage gold we stock commonly are:

British Sovereign Gold Coins

British Gold Sovereign coins have been manufactured in abundance since at least the 1500's. Some versions minted in the last 200 years have huge mintage numbers and are still widely traded to this day. Here are some of those more recent coins:

  • New Production Great Britain Sovereigns
  • Gold British Sovereign Elizabeth II (1957-present)
  • Gold British Sovereign George V (1911-1925) 
  • Gold British Sovereign King Edward VII (1902-1910) 
  • Gold British Sovereign Victoria Jubilee (1887-1893)

Pre-1933 Gold

In 1933, in an attempt to stop the run on the banks and the great depression, the U.S. congress banned the private ownership of gold and silver and confiscated gold coins made by the U.S. Mint. This is a list of some surviving specimens that are still traded on the secondary gold market today:

  • $20 Gold Liberty Double Eagle Coins (1850-1907)
  • $20 Gold Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle Coin (1907-1933)
  • $10 Gold Liberty Eagle Coin (1838-1907)
  • $10 Indian Head Eagle Coin (1907-1933)
  • $5 Indian Half Eagle Coin (1908-1929)
  • $2.50 Liberty Quarter Eagle Coin (1840-1907)

Other vintage gold coins

In addition to sovereign gold coins by Great Britain and the United States, other countries older vintage gold coins are available from time to time. Here is a short list of some ones to keep an eye out for:

  • Austrian Florins (Restrikes)
  • Gold Mexican Pesos
  • French Gold Franc
  • Suisse Gold Francs
  • Italian Gold Lira

Old gold coins on Investor Crate Plus

Investor Crate is primarily a precious metals subscription crate company, however, as we grow so to does our inventory. We have access to a large wholesale and secondary commodities market which we use to bid on large volume of items to fulfill our subscription obligations. Any excess inventory is placed for sale here on our Fire Sale page at cost. If you are interested in purchasing from this outlet, reach out to a support representative today.