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About the famous Krugerrand

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Color difference of gold coins

1 oz Gold Krugerrand Coin Purity

We sometimes get asked by new customers, “Is the Gold you sell, pure Gold?” It’s sort of a hard question to answer without sounding like scam artists hawking clad bullion. Let’s take a look at the South African Gold Krugerrand to help better explore that question.

In terms of dimensions, a Gold Krugerrand is 32.7 mm in diameter and 2.84 mm thick. The Krugerrand’s ACTUAL weight is 1 and 1/11 troy ounces or 33.93 grams. This is because the metal composition is made up of a Gold Alloy designed to be durable enough for circulation (handling). The actual pure Gold composition makes up for just over 91% of the coin's weight and the remaining 1/11th of an ounce is made up of Copper. This means the ACTUAL weight of Pure Gold within this coin is one troy ounce. It’s also what gives the Gold Krugerrand's their unique red-like finish. The color and finish on other coins with similar ally compositions may appear different, this is because the metallurgy used to make the planchet may differ in metal composition.

The Gold Krugerrand’s metal composition and some of the other sovereign Gold coins such as the American Gold Eagle is not 100% (or .999% per industry standard) pure BUT is considered 'Fine Gold,' and the actual weight of pure Gold is present. This does no dissuade investors from buying these coins, in fact, the Gold Krugerrand and American Gold Eagle are the MOST popular Gold coins in the world. 

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Rand Refinery

  • About the South African Mint

The Gold and Silver Krugerrand coins are minted by the South African Mint in South Africa. It is wholly owned by the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) and since 1967 has produced over 50 million ounces of Gold. 25 million of which have been imported and sold to investors right here in The United States. The Krugerrand is named after Paul Kruger who was a four-term president of the old South African Republic. The word ‘rand’ is used in South Africa as a measure of their currency.

The front (or head side) of the coin displays an effigy of Paul Krugerrand who, in modern progressive times, is a controversial figure. According to historical documentation, in his time though, he was affectionately referred to as ‘Uncle Krugerrand’ which is apparently quite the title to receive. His history as a former South African president and military commander is diverse with multiple campaigns in a Civil War and notable conflicts against the British. The obverse (or tails side) displays a Springbok which looks like a smaller type of Impala. These animals are like a mix of a Deer and Goat and serve as a symbol of strength and agility for South Africa. 

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Up close photo of a 1/2 oz Gold Krugerrand taken by Investor Crate staff at one of our facilities in Southern New Hampshire.

It is often said that all Gold leads to the Rand Refinery, this was especially true after South Africa ended the apartheid. During these events, western Governments (including the United States) imposed sanctions that actually made ownership of the Gold Krugerrand's illegal. Once these were lifted, the global demand for the bullion coin rose by over 200% bringing their normal production from 40,000 units to nearly 200,000 troy ounces annually.

In more recent times mintage numbers have held strong with even ‘limited runs’ for their 50-year (1967-2017) anniversary privy yielding over 100,000 (22-karat) troy ounces of the 1 oz Gold Krugerrand coin. This still does not hold a candle to their 1978 mintage number of over 6,000,000 Gold coins minted. Though modern times bring more advanced refinement techniques and newer products such as Bars contained in Assayer Sleeves. The Rand Refinery has recently begun manufacturing some amazing pressed and cast Gold and Silver Bars such as their “Mirage” series of bullion.

Even more exciting and as a tribute to the 50th anniversary of the iconic Gold Krugerrand, in 2017 the first 1-ounce Silver Krugerrand was struck for a mintage of 1,000,000 coins. These coins are absolutely amazing, to say the least. The South African Mint uses the purest of Silver and the latest technology to press and strike an absolutely stunning specimen. The best part is you could find a couple of these in your Investor Crate! 

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  • Other Rand Products such as these and others can be found in our combination crates. Each month something new arrives, so make sure to nab a stack or two of each kind!

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Gold Crate


The Gold Crate

This product is recurring and ships on the 15th of each month.

If you are looking to buy gold and receive monthly deliveries of the most popular gold pieces available, this might be a good choice for you. The Gold Crate by Investor Crate is a popular choice among gold buyers and is purchased on a recurring basis by tens of thousands of people each month. This product, along with our other subscription crates, start for as low as $50 a month, but larger packages are available in the drop-down menu above.

How it works

The Precious Metals industry relies on moving large volumes of gold to be profitable. To incentivize this the mints and manufacturers give price breaks on large wholesale orders. With this, our precious metals trading desk places large orders at the beginning of the month and then break down and divide up the shipments to our clients and subscriber base. This is how we are able to provide a huge variety of gold bullion products at such a low premium.

Each month on the 1st, billing is conducted. Orders are prepared and shipped on the 15th of each month.

Common Gold Coins found in this subscription;

  • American Gold Eagle Coins
  • American Gold Buffalo Coins
  • South African Gold Krugerrand Coins
  • Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins
  • Britannia Gold Coins from Great Britain
  • Philharmonic Gold Coins from Austria

Gold Bar manufacturers found in this monthly investment:

  • PAMP Suisse
  • Valcambi Suisse
  • Suisse Credit Bank
  • Argor-Heraues
  • Scotia Bank
  • Perth Mint

Other Gold Bullion available:

  • Monarch Precious Metals Gold Rounds
  • Englehard Gold Rounds
  • Sunshine Mint Gold Bullion
  • Golden State Mint Gold Rounds
  • Scottsdale Mint Gold Rounds
  • Rand Refinery Gold Bullion

It is important to note that gold bullion is different from jewelry as it is much purer and with only a few exceptions, not made into an alloy. And gold in its pure form is easily damaged by bending, scratching and denting due to its malleability. Protect your investment with safe handling and storing procedures and for Investor Crate Plus members add some Cotton Gloves or Protective Coin capsules and tubes to your cart today.

Other Items

Investor Crate truly believes in getting each client the most precious metals for the dollar as possible, this is why some silver pieces may be found inside of your Gold Crate each month. If silver is present, this is because there was a tiny remaining dollar value left over after we used the smallest fractional gold piece we stock. 

Adding additional bullion to your order

Throughout the month you can add addition bullion to arrive with your next Investor Crate order. For more information on how to do this either tab over to the Investor Crate Plus tab or check out this page for more information. We also have support staff available and a detailed FAQ page for you to explore.

Thank you for supporting our small veteran owned company.

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    I have been buying Krugerrands for a few years

  • James CherryboneDec 19, 2023

    I have purchased many Krugerrands over the years but have stopped due to South Africa’s partnerships with China and Russia.

  • AnonymousApr 11, 2023

    Very interesting article as usual – thanks for sharing!

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