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The Perth Mint: A history of Gold & Silver Bullion

The Perth Mint
Bullion from down under. Actually, a lot of cool history and even cooler product to cover. Let's go over the run down on West Australia's world renowned precious metals mint / refinery!

Johnson Matthey: Gold & Silver Assayer and Refiner

Johnson Matthey: Gold & Silver Assayer and Refiner
Discover the history behind Johnson Matthey, a renowned gold and silver assayer and refiner that has left a lasting legacy on the precious metals industry. Learn about their contributions, from standardizing the size of precious metal bars to their iconic hallmarks, and find out why vintage Johnson Matthey bullion pieces remain highly sought after by collectors today.

Geiger Edelmetalle: LEV Mintmark

Geiger Edelmetalle is one of the premiere bullion and precious metal producers in the world. Based out of Germany, this family owned mint is in a league of their own.

Precious Metals Mints and Manufacturers

Vintage Silver Bars from around the world
Here is a comprehensive list of the various government and private entities that produce, refine and manufacture Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium products, coins and bullion.

Royal Canadian Mint | Investor Crate

Royal Canadian Mint | Investor Crate
Masters of metallurgy. The folks over at the Royal Canadian Mint have brought us (5) 9 Gold purities and tons of bullion to go around!

United States Mint | Investor Crate

United States Mint | Investor Crate
This is a brief history of the U.S. Mint including pertinent information on the 'Liberty Coin Act' which authorized Bullion production!