90% - $5 FV Silver U.S. Halves (1892-1964)

90% - $5 FV Silver U.S. Halves (1892-1964)

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This is $5 Face Value Bag of (10) 90%, Pre-1965 U.S. Halves. These Halves in most cases are heavily circulated (RANDOM YEAR/RANDOM DESIGN) struck by the various U.S. Mints.

  • Content: Approximately .715 oz 90% Silver.
  • Diameter: 30.6 mm ea
  • Thickness: 2.15 mm ea
  • Front: Image of 'RANDOM' with the words 'LIBERTY,' 'IN GOD WE TRUST,' as well as date and mintmark.
  • Back: Features the "RANDOM" and reads 'UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,' 'ONE DIME' and 'E PLURIBUS UNUM.'

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