50 peso Mexican Gold coin
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50 Peso Mexican Gold Coin (Restrike)

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Product Details

Old Mexican Gold Coins but not just any... The Centenario Gold Coin!!
Don't sleep on these vintage gold coins from Mexico!

This is a random year 50 Peso Mexican Gold Coin produced by the Mexican Mint. These are not sorted but most will end up being 1947 "restrikes" minted after 1948 up until the 70s. There is no way to discern a 1947 late strike from an original 1947 struck coin. For all intents and purposes we will advertise these as a "restrike," despite some originally struck coins existing in rotation. Restrikes are still authentic, with the same gold content, coin specifications and minted by the Mexican Mint and backed by their currency.

Coin Highlights:

  • Contains 1.2 troy ounces of fine gold.
  • Orders of 20 come in coin tubes.
  • Front obverse side (heads): Depicts "Winged Victory," or better known as The Angel of Independence with the mintage date as well as the words, "50 PESOS," and "37.5 Gr. ORO PURO."
  • Back reverse side (tails): Features the Golden Eagle holding biting a snake from the Mexican Coat of Arms as well as the words, "ESTADOS UNIDOS MEXICANOS."
  • Reeds (edges): Smooth with the words, "INDEPENDENCIA Y LIBERTAD," stamped into the outer diameter.
  • Authentic gold product from the Mexican Mint.
  • Mintage dates vary from 1921-1931 & 1943-1972. Any coins minted after 1948 are dated 1947 making this the most common year to find. The most common dates include 1947 and the rarest would be a 1948. Dated 50 Pesos of 1947's were minted from 1949-1972 with a combined mintage of 4 million, all should be considered restrikes because there is no known way to identify them otherwise. There are no known specimens of 1948 variants although some sources claims around 40,000 were made.

Don't forget to practice safe handling and storage procedures. Visit our storage supplies section for the proper tubes and equipment.

Mexican Gold Peso Coins

The 50 Peso piece is the most iconic vintage gold coin in the Mexican arsenal. These are also available in 2 Peso and 2.50 Peso, and 10 Peso so make sure to scoop up at least one of each!

Vintage gold coins are rare but with that said still have incredibly low premiums making them a priority buy at this point. Get them before they go out of circulation forever.


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