5 gram Gold Argor Bar
5 gram Gold Bar

5 gram Argor-Heraeus Gold Bar (In Assay)

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Product Details

Refined, extruded, minted and packaged!
If it wasn't in this awesome packaging, the new gold smell would still be on it.

This is a 5 gram Gold Bar refined and manufactured by Argor-Heraeus which is one of the largest refiners in Germany. Argor-Heraeus also has facilities in Switzerland which is where this particular batch of bars originates from. When quality is concerned, there is no concern with AH products.

Bar Highlights:

  • Contains 5 gram of .999 pure gold.
  • Come uniquely serialized in tamper resistant and certified assayer cards.
  • Front obverse side (heads): AH official mint seal with the word "SWITZERLAND." Also displays the weight, metal type, purity, assayer guarantee and a unique serial number.  
  • Back reverse side (tails): Blank, however some have a special holographic known as a KineBar.
  • Authentic gold products with 999+ purity levels.
  • This is their Golden Link series of products available in a variety of sizes as seen on our Fire Sale page.

Do not forget to add a pair of cotton gloves and always practice safe handling procedures for all of your precious metals products!

Argor-Heraeus Gold Bullion

Argor-Heraeus, or the larger holding corporations Argor Metal Group provides gold products for investment purposes as well as the medical field, electronics and industrial sectors.

Argor-Heraeus products come highly recommended from us here at Investor Crate. If you'd like to place an order for this product or any other precious metals products, select the "Investor Crate Plus" tab above to learn more.


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