4 Ducat Austrian / Dutch Gold Coin (Restrike)

4 Ducat Austrian / Dutch Gold Coin (Restrike)

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Product Details

Embrace Europe's rich numismatic heritage—modern style.
This 4 Ducat Austrian/Dutch Gold Coin, dated 1915, is a modern restrike offering a blend of history and current value.

Though these coins bear a 1915 date, they are not antiques but modern restrikes, meticulously produced by the Austrian Mint. A seamless blend of history and value, this coin is perfect for collectors who appreciate both the old and the new.

Coin Highlights:

  • Contains .4438 troy oz of .986 fine gold.
  • Front obverse side (heads): A profile view of Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria-Hungary, facing to the right, encircled by inscriptions in Latin which read FRANC - IOS - I - D - G - AVSTRIAE IMPERATOR essentially translating to "Franz Joseph I, by the Grace of God, Emperor of Austria." This inscription is commonly found on coins to indicate the authority under which they were minted in this era. Modern British sovereigns still share these Latin phrases.
  • Back reverse side (tails): The emblem of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, which is crowned and the inscription around the coat of arms reads HVNGAR - BOHEM - GAL - (4) LOD - ILL - REX A - A - 1915 which represents various titles and territories associated with Franz Joseph I, the Emperor of Austria-Hungary, along with the coin's denomination and the year (which, in the case of modern restrikes, is traditionally 1915). "HVNGAR": Abbreviation for Hungary "BOHEM": Abbreviation for Bohemia "GAL": Likely an abbreviation for Galicia, another territory of the Austro-Hungarian Empire "(4) LOD": Refers to the 4 Ducat denomination "ILL": Abbreviation for "Imperator" or Emperor "REX": Latin for King "A - A": Stands for "Austro-Archidux," which means Archduke of Austria "1915": The year the coin was ostensibly issued, although in the case of restrikes, this is the year they are modeled after.
  • Reeds (edges): Reeded.
  • Official modern restrikes from the Austrian Mint.

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4 Ducat Austrian/Dutch Gold Coins

Meticulously produced with a fineness of .986, these modern restrikes offer an elegant way to invest in gold while also owning a piece of numismatic history. The coins offer a substantial weight of .4438 troy oz, making them a suitable choice for both collectors and investors alike.


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