10 Peso Mexican Gold Coin (Restrike)
10 Peso Mexican Gold Coin (Restrike)

10 Peso Mexican Gold Coin (Restrike)

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Product Details

90% fine Mexican Money
With a first strike mintage date of 1905 through to 1920 and again in mass production in 1959, the Banco De Mexico have minted these on and off as "restrikes" as late as 1996. Fun fact, in 1907, the United States Mint in Philadelphia helped in the minting process and minted 1,000,000 on behalf of Mexico.

This is a random year 10 Peso Mexican Gold Coin produced by the Mexican Mint. Mintage years vary between 1905-1920 & 1959. Due to the volume of "restrike" or reproduction coins (which have the exact same specifications including gold content) we are advertising these as "restrikes." If you get a original production coin it's because your lucky!

Coin Highlights:

  • Contains .2411 troy ounces of fine gold.
  • Circulated condition.
  • The obverse (heads side) of the gold 10 Peso coin prominently features a finely detailed left-facing profile of Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, the revered priest and leader recognized for initiating the Mexican War of Independence in September 1810. His visage reflects a stern and determined expression, bearing testament to his pivotal role in Mexican history. Above Hidalgo's image, the coin is inscribed with the Spanish words: "DIEZ PESOS". Translated to English, this means "TEN PESOS". Around the outer edge of the coin, the phrase "INDEPENDENCIA Y LIBERTAD" is engraved, which translates to "INDEPENDENCE AND FREEDOM", capturing the essence of Hidalgo's legacy and the core principles for which he stood.
  • The reverse (tails side) of the gold 10 Peso coin proudly showcases the national coat of arms of Mexico. At the center of the design is an eagle perched on a cactus, clutching a serpent in its beak and talon. This image symbolizes an ancient Aztec legend, wherein the gods advised the Aztecs to establish their city where they found an eagle eating a serpent on a cactus, which led to the foundation of Tenochtitlan, now Mexico City. Encircling the central emblem are ten different smaller coat of arms used throughout Mexico's history, serving as a tribute to the nation's rich heritage. Above the central image, the word "ESTADOS UNIDOS MEXICANOS" is inscribed, which translates to "UNITED MEXICAN STATES", the official name of Mexico.
  • The edge of the Mexican 10 Peso gold coin is inscribed with the phrase "INDEPENDENCIA Y LIBERTAD", which translates to "INDEPENDENCE AND FREEDOM". This phrase is a testament to the country's struggles for independence and the values that it holds dear.
  • Authentic gold product from the Mexican Mint.
  • Mintage dates vary from 1905-1920 & 1959 and overdates do exist. The rarest dates include 1920 with only 12,000 minted and 1919 with 20,000 coins minted.

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Gold Peso Coins from Mexico

The Mexican Mint, or "La Casa de Moneda de México", is the national mint of Mexico and stands as the oldest mint in the Americas, having been established in 1535 by the Spanish Crown. Throughout its illustrious history, it has produced some of the most beautiful and iconic coinage, with designs deeply rooted in Mexican culture and heritage. The 10 Peso gold coin is a remarkable representation of this legacy. Not only does it offer an affordable entry point for those looking to invest in gold, but it also serves as a tangible piece of history, capturing the spirit and pride of the Mexican people. Collecting or investing in the 10 Peso coin isn't just about the precious metal content; it's about owning a small part of Mexico's rich past, making it a uniquely valuable addition to any portfolio or collection.


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