10 gram Platinum Bars

10 gram Platinum Bar (Random Mint & Design)

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Product Details

Platinum Bars!
An extra 10 grams of Plat this month? Perfect.

This is a 10 gram Platinum Bar produced, more than likely, in Switzerland, because that's where it usually comes from! Currently available inventory includes bars from PAMP Suisse, Valcambi Suisse, Credit Suisse and Argor-Heraeus.

Bar Highlights:

  • Contains 10 grams of .9995 pure Platinum.
  • Tamper-evident packaging (TEP) with unique serial numbers matching the bars.
  • Front obverse side (heads): Random Mint logo or design varies by manufacturer. Always has weight, metal content, purity and serial number.  
  • Back reverse side (tails): Most of the time it's left blank, however some bars have repeating logos, waffle patterns or other security features.
  • No predatory volume processing, buy as many or as little as you want and enjoy this low price!
  • Available exclusively to Investor Crate Plus members.

Add cotton gloves so you don't get your grubby fingerprints on it!

Buy Fractional Platinum Online

If you don't have an active Platinum subscription crate, no worries. Add a few of these today and reap the savings while still stacking the Plat. As always, this is overstock stuff from this last fulfillment cycle so you pay what we pay.

And because the prices are so great, make sure to pick a bar up for a friend or family member! No better gift than this stuff.


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