Starter Pack - Investor Crate

What is Investor Crate?

Investor Crate is a veteran-owned and operated business with locations in several states around the U.S. and for years we have been serving a large customer base by providing a unique and fun service. Since our inception we have shipped over 250,000 ounces of Gold, Silver and Platinum on a recurring basis to thousands of our clients each month.

For more information about our company, head over to our about us page.

How to subscribe

If you'd like to receive precious metals on a monthly recurring basis, check out our subscription crates here.

As always, we have a completely obligation free service with no hidden fees, mandatory subscription lengths or cancelation fees. In fact, after creating an account you can cancel directly from your dashboard or get a hold of us and request a cancelation.

 We also offer a full refund should you be unhappy with your purchase.