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Gold Boxes

As low as $50 per month! 

Silver Boxes

Silver Coins, Bars or Rounds?

Platinum &
90% Silver

Platinum Boxes and historic U.S. Silver!

Investors get it!

15,000 subscribers and growing, we've shipped over 500,000 ounces of Gold and Silver.
 Explore our bullion crates exclusive and only at Investor Crate. 


"Incredible value in each months box with an awesome bit of variety. I have coins from South Africa, Australia, Germany, Austria and tons of Gold from Switzerland. I truly look forward to each months box and I plan on sticking with these guys for the foreseeable future. Very enjoyable service."

Tom M.

Gold & Silver Crate Subscriber


"We started stacking Gold as a way to hedge against out of control spending, inflation and what could easily turn into a situation of economic turmoil. It gives us peace of mind and security knowing we own hard assets that have been the true currency throughout human history. We highly recommend IC and their dollar cost average approach."

Kyle and Emily

Gold Crate Subscribers


"Decided to get this service for our children to show them the importance of saving and investing. Investor Crate has made it fun, affordable and easy to do so and we are totally hooked. The customer support is amazing and they even separate each box out per kid so there isn't any fighting. Great group of guys working over there."

Amy & Frank G.

Silver Crate Subscriber

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What's in the box? 

New products every month from a variety of mints & refineries tailored to your box choice and price tier you select.

  • Either Gold, Silver or Platinum (or a combination, your choice!)
  • Full access to our wholesale add-ons page
  • Shipped in a discreet box
  • Award winning 24/7 customer support
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back

How Investor Crate Works

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Create your perfect box

No two boxes are alike, pick the box type or combination of boxes you wish to receive. Gold? Silver? Gold & Silver? Platinum?

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Subscribe for monthly loot

Don't forget to select which price point works best for your budget and will suit your stacking goals!

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Grow your stack

Boxes ship around the 15th of each month, prepare some space for your pile of loot. Don't forget to check out the add-ons page where you can pile on extras too!


In short, each box receives the metal type / product type that is defined on each crates product page. The amount of those items (by weight) is determined by current market spot price with reasonable, fair market value premiums taken into account, divided by the price you selected. Keep in mind, premiums are not set by us and vary mint to mint.

For example; a 1 oz American Silver Eagle might cost $3-4 over spot whereas a 1 oz Austrian Philharmonic might cost around $2 over spot. The absolute best way to figure out what to expect is to reach out to us and ask what went in the previous months box. Don't forget to let us know which crate and price point you were curious about!

As long as you ordered on or before the 5th of the current month, your first box will ship on the 15th and arrive shortly after!

If you ordered after the 5th, you'll be picked up on our next months round of fulfillment. This, unfortunately, is an anti-fraud policy or "cool off time" as we get bombarded with fraudulent orders prior to our advertised ship out day of the 15th.

The Fire Sale page is our wholesale 'add-ons' page. Our entire leftover inventory from each months fulfillment gets listed there at cost to us.

As long as you have an active subscription, you can purchase from the add-ons page whenever it goes live, which is usually on or around the 15th of each month. Those items will ship in your next subscription box.

We truly and 100% stand by our product. If you do not like the value or items you received, we will send you a new label to slap right over the old one. Drop it in the mail and you'll receive the entire purchase price including cost of postage refunded to you.

We are also a month to month service with zero contracts. You can cancel at for any reason. There are no subscription periods, cancelation fees or any of that other malarky commonly associated with subscriptions. As a veteran-ran outfit we truly take our companies integrity serious. If you have any issues or any complaints, please do not hesitate to reach out so we can come to a resolution. 

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Vault Box

Not into the idea of storing your own precious metals? Want less of a hassle with our easy liquidation? Enjoy the same products except they don't ship. We house each months contribution inside our vaults inside of your personal safety deposit box. Check out our PLUS membership for more information. 

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Starter Packs

Despite not having a contract and with a promise of easy cancelation for any reason no matter what, we do have a trial pack. It's our same great products without the subscription. These all double as amazing gifts as well so if a loved one has a birthday coming up, consider getting them a stack stimulus!