Monthly Precious Metals

Gold Crate

As low as $50 per month!
The Gold Crate is one of the most popular monthly subscription crates offered by Investor Crate. Gold Bug approved and a sure shot way to get gold coins, bars and rounds each month.

Silver Crate

Silver Coins from around the world.
The Silver Crate offers a variety of government issued pure silver coins from all around the world such as, Australia, Austria, Britain and Canada to name a few.

Gold & Silver Combo Crate

Monthly Gold and Silver!
The perfect combination of gold and silver bullion from around the world. Why compromise when you can stack both in one convenient monthly package.

Big Bar Crate

Silver Bars for serious stacking.
Keep a flow of monthly bullion bars, low premiums and a huge variety directly from refiners, banks, governments and precious metal recyclers.

Generic Silver Crate

Generic Silver Rounds.
Exclusively stack silver rounds and fractionals from the various U.S. based private mints and manufacturers? Prefer low premiums and mass production over expensive government coins? We have you covered.

Platinum Crate

Platinum Coins and Bars.
Don't forget to add an additional subscription of Platinum to your order. With EV's on the rise, demand is increasing for industrial platinum for its use in batteries.

Team Crate

Variety galore.
The Team Crate is a special hand curated crate built by the staff here at Investor Crate. While the contents are a mystery, rest assured the coolest products offered in a particular month will make an appearance inside!

90% Silver Crate

Do not call it junk.
Pre-1965 U.S. dimes, quarters and half dollars where made of 90% silver as mandated by the Constitution. Nab a face bag before all 1964 coins and below disappear, hidden away in investors safes.

U.S. Standard Crate

United States Mint Exclusives.
Only interested in Gold and Silver from the United States Mint? We can't blame you and this one is made special for you.

Great Alternatives

Starter Packs (One-time)

Not quite sold on a subscription yet?
Check out our Starter Pack lineup that emulates our subscription crates without the recurring billing cycle.

Monster Packs ($5,000 +)

Need serious weight?
For our clients looking to stack some serious weight, check out our Monster Pack line for orders up to $100,000.

Investor Crate Plus

Wholesale Precious Metals.
Looking to add additional loot to each months subscription crate? Check out our premium membership which allows access to our wholesale trade platform.

Fire Sale Deals

1/2 gram Gold MPM Round
1/2 gram Gold MPM Round

1/2 gram Gold round MPM (In Capsule)

1 oz South African Silver Krugerrand Coin (Random Year)
1 oz South African Silver Krugerrand Coin (Random Year)
1 oz South African Silver Krugerrand Coin (Random Year)
1 oz South African Silver Krugerrand Coin (Random Year)

1 oz South African Silver Krugerrand Coin (Random Year)

Assortment of Silver Coins
Reverse Side of Silver Coins
Assortment of Silver Coins
Reverse Side of Silver Coins

1 oz Silver Coin (Random Mint & Design)

1 gram Platinum (Random Mint & Design)
1 gram Platinum (Random Mint & Design)
1 gram Platinum (Random Mint & Design)
1 gram Platinum (Random Mint & Design)

1 gram Platinum (Random Mint & Design)


Monthly Precious Metals Subscription

Based off of the investment strategy of dollar cost averaging, buying gold, silver and platinum over a target time period helps fight market volatility and effectively garners that time periods average spot price. Autoinvesting by way of bullion boxes with Investor Crate is the most popular way to purchase precious metals.

With dozens of crate offerings and our globally renowned wholesale trading platform the "Fire Sale," enjoy adding the best deals on the internet to your subscription crate.

Why buy Precious Metals

While we always advise prospective clients to seek counsel from certified financial advisors before utilizing our service or investing in anything, individual reasons for buying gold and silver vary. A safe haven investment to increase your net worth, a fun savings method, a hedge against inflation, protection from loss in volatile markets are a few we often hear of. Our favorite reason folks utilize our service though, is to create a form of generational wealth that is to be passed onto kids and grandkids through trusts and wills. Others buy our certified bullion products to place inside of IRA accounts or personally store them in the event of a need for barter turning global turmoil.

Whatever the reason, Investor Crate remains the most trusted name in precious metals and is quickly growing.

Why choose Investor Crate

Investor Crate is the first precious metals subscription crate company of its kind and offers lower premiums and bigger monthly hauls than any of our competitors. We are able to do this due to sheer volume of customers, meaning our overhead is more than covered allowing us to offer amazing deals not only with our subscription crates but on our wholesale trade platform. With the highest possible rating by the Better Business Bureau and several major review platforms our clients opinions say it all.

In addition to this, Investor Crate is a veteran-owned and operated enterprise with several locations within the continental United States that maintains a personal relationship with all of our customers. We are still small enough to take every piece of feedback and suggestion that we then apply to make our service better. In fact, nearly all of the features on our website including our social media giveaways, have all been created and suggested by our customers.