Monster Pack - Payment Instructions

Monster Pack Payment Instructions

Monster Pack orders are reviewed and processed on non-holiday weekdays, Monday through Friday between 0900 and 1700 Eastern Time (US). Upon review and verification, order confirmation and wire instructions will be sent by e-mail. Wires must be received no later than the 1st of the month for shipping to occur on the 15th. Checks, including Bank Checks, Cashier Checks and ACH are not accepted. We do not accept Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency at this time.

Bank wires are the only form of payment that is accepted for this product line.

Order processing

Monster Pack orders can only be verified on official market days. Orders are reviewed by an Investor Crate trader and a courtesy e-mail with a list of bullion options based on current inventory will be sent to you. If you have certain shipping instructions or a preference for which bullion type (coins, bars or rounds) or which manufacturer you prefer from the list provided, please respond to this e-mail.

Upon receipt of your bank wire your order will be processed and shipped on or around the 15th. All payments must be received no later than the 1st to make it to the shipping queue. Any payments made after this date, revert to the following months fulfillment cycle.

Shipping & Handling procedures

Monster Packs are shipped during our regular shipping and fulfillment schedule which is explained in depth on our Frequently Ask Questions page.


Monster Packs are fully insured and there is no shipping fee. At this time, Monster Packs are not eligible under our return or refund policy and will be covered in our buyback program on a later date.