Merry Christmas!

Gold Christmas Pack

Gold Bars, Coins and Rounds available.
Send a loved one some Gold for Christmas. It's timeless and they'll certainly appreciated it.

Silver Christmas Pack

Silver Coins & Rounds!
This years Silver Christmas Pack will contain Silver Coins and fractional Silver Rounds based on feedback from last years Christmas Packs. No specialty "Christmas Themed" rounds!

Combo Christmas Pack (Gold & Silver)

Mimics our top seller "Combo Crate."
You can expect your loved ones to get Silver Coins, fractional rounds (to top the price off) as well as the possibility of Gold Coins, Bars and Rounds.

Subscription Crates

The Gold Crate (Monthly)

As low as $50 per month!
The Gold Crate is one of the most popular monthly subscription crates offered by Investor Crate. There is no contracts or cancelation fees with any of our monthly subscription crates.

The Silver Crate (Monthly)

Starts $50 per month!
The Silver Crate is our monthly silver coin offering that features .999 silver coins from around the world. A great way to get a roll of each countries silver coins.

50/50 Combo Crate (Gold & Silver)

$1000+ monthly crates available!
The Combo crate gets you both gold coins, bars and rounds as well as silver coins from mints such as the Royal Canadian Mint, Austrian Mint and many more.

Starter Packs

The Gold Starter Pack (One-time)

As low as $100. (One-time purchase!)
The Gold Starter Pack emulates the gold crate, without the monthly subscription. This is great as a booster pack or trial to see if you'd like to subscribe.

The Silver Starter Pack (One-time)

Boost your silver stack!
Looking to add some silver bars or rounds to your safe? The perfect hedge or beginner stack pack.

Combo Starter Pack (Gold & Silver)

Gold and Silver Starter Pack!
By popular demand, the new Combo Pack emulates our most popular monthly bullion box without the subscription.

Fire Sale Deals

1/10 oz Gold Coin
1/10 oz Gold Coin

1/10 oz Gold Coin (Random Mint & Design)

1/4 oz Gold Coins
1/4 oz Gold Coins

1/4 oz Gold Coin (Random Mint & Design)

1/2 oz Gold Coins
1/2 oz Gold Coins

1/2 oz Gold Coin (Random Mint & Design)

1 oz Gold Coins
1 oz Gold Coins

1 oz Gold Coin (Random Mint & Design)


The top Christmas gifts of 2022

While we rush to Amazons website or try our chance at long lines inside of shopping malls and retail centers there is a gift that is particularly special. That gift is the gift of wealth. Give a loved one precious metals this Christmas because unlike cheap toys, Gold and Silver are forever.

Christmas Packs of Gold and Silver Coins

Here is a quick run down of what will come inside of Investor Crate Christmas Packs this year.

Gold Christmas Pack

  • Gold Coins such as American Gold Eagles, Austrian Philharmonics and Australian Gold Kangaroos.
  • Gold Bars from popular refiners such as PAMP SA, Valcambi Suisse, Royal Canadian Mint and Argor-Heraeus.
  • Gold Rounds and Fractionals from domestic private mints such as MPM, Sunshine Mint and the Golden State Mint.

Silver Christmas Pack

Last year, we stocked crates up with specialty Silver Rounds that were Christmas themed. While, we thought it matched the "Silver Christmas Pack" theme, customers were overall displeased with this. So, for this year, the Silver Christmas Pack will mimic our popular "Silver Crate" as suggested by customers.

That means, the Silver Christmas Pack will contain Silver Coins and Silver Fractional rounds to top off any remainder price there may be.

Combo Christmas Pack

The Combo Christmas Pack will mimic our Gold and Silver Crate, which means this crate will contain Silver Coins and Gold products such as Gold Coins, Bars or Rounds in approximately a 50/50 ratio.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to customer support.