50/50 Combo Crate (Gold & Silver)
50/50 Combo Crate (Gold & Silver)
50/50 Combo Crate (Gold & Silver)
50/50 Combo Crate (Gold & Silver)
50/50 Combo Crate (Gold & Silver)
50/50 Combo Crate (Gold & Silver)
50/50 Combo Crate (Gold & Silver)

50/50 Combo Crate (Gold & Silver)

Investor Crate

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The Combination Stacker Box lineup is the most popular Bullion Box we offer. It includes approximately 50% worth of Fine Gold and 50% worth of Fine Silver in each crate, making this the Gold and Silver investors choice for automatic, hassle-free delivery of fine investment-grade bullion.

What kind of Physical Gold Bullion can I expect?

  • Gold Bars from popular mints such as Australias Perth Mint, Canadas Royal Canadian Mint, and the Austrian Mint among others. Bars have been a popular choice for their low premium (closest to market spot price) cost and ease of storage. Bars also come in 1 gram, 2 gram, 5 gram, 10 gram, 1/2 troy oz, 20 g, 1 troy ounce, 1 tola, 50 gram, 100 gram, 250 gram, and 1 kilogram sizes, making them affordable for any portfolio budget.
  • Gold Coins from popular world Mints are a favorite among our subscribers. These also come in a variety of sizes such as 1/20 oz, 1/10 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/2 oz, and 1 troy ounce. Some popular line ups include the Royal Mints new Queen's Beasts series of Gold Coin, 1 oz Gold Barbados Trident Coin by the Scottsdale Mint and the Somalian Elephant Gold Coins produced in Germany by the Bavarian State Mint.
  • Gold Rounds and other fractionals, although not as often and generally only found in lower-tiered crates, can be present. These are generally produced by domestic precious metals refineries here in the U.S. and abroad. Some examples are Instabul Global Refinery (IGR), Valcambi SA, Credit Suisse, Engelhard, and the Silvertowne Mint.

What kind of .999+ Fine Silver can I expect?

  • The iconic 1 oz American Silver Eagle from the United States Mint. A favorite among commodity and precious metal investors as well as patriots alike. We also offer our popular 'U.S. Standard Crate' which is chalked full of U.S. Mint Bullion Products every month.
  • The beautifully crafted 1 oz Mexican Libertad. Although rare, due to high premiums, when our purchasing staff can levy low enough premiums for our subscribers these will show up every once in a while.
  • Armenia 1 oz Silver Noah's Ark series produced in Germany by the Bavarian State Mint under contract by Armenia. These unique coins are sovereign coins backed by the Armenian Government for 500 Drams and similar to the Australian Silver Bullion, the designs are altered each year with a new stunning depiction of the biblical event.

Any Investor Crate will have a few fractional Silver pieces (under an ounce) inside of each package. We use Fractional Silver pieces to ensure we get you to the closest dollar amount of your purchase. These fractionals are generally produced in the U.S. at the various private, and domestic mints and refineries. These mints include but are not limited to; the Sunshine Mint, the Golden State Mint, the Highland Mint, A-Mark Precious Metals, and Republic Metals Corporation.

We also carry a 20/80 Combo Crate (Gold & Silver) if that ratio would better suit your investment budget. 

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