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Protect your bullion with coin storage tubes

Gold and silver are two unique metals and different from one another. In regards to protecting the condition of each metal there are two important things to consider about each metal type. First, gold is extremely soft, making it susceptible to dents, scratches and even bending. On some high proof surfaces on gold coins or bars, even a gentle swipe wearing a cotton glove is enough to produce tiny scratches on the surface.

Secondly, silver, while much more durable than its golden counterpart, is able to tarnish. While silver can't necessarily tarnish to the point where it is damaged, it will turn from it's shiny lustrous color to a more dull gray color. This means keeping your silver bullion away from the elements, including oils from fingers and even air!

This is why protecting your bullion in official authentic mint tubes or coin tubes from reputable companies such as Air-tite, Coinsafe and Guardhouse is the prudent thing to do.

Monster Boxes

Monster boxes are containers made of cardboard, wood or more commonly, a durable polymer or plastic, that store 250 and 500 coins depending on size and brand. With in these monster boxes the coins are packed in 20 or 25 increments inside of coin tubes. These are how large purchases directly from the mint are packaged for safe shipping. Here are just a few examples of monster boxes from the various mints.

  • United States Mint Green Monster Box (ASE)
  • Great Britain Royal Mint Black Monster Box (Britannia)
  • Royal Canadian Mint Yellow Monster Box (Maple Leaf)
  • Austrian Mint Red Monster Box (Philharmonic)
  • South African Mint Grey Monster Box (Krugerrand)

Mint Tubes for coins and Rounds

Mint tubes carry 20 or 25 coins depending on brand but one size does not fit all. Each gold, silver and platinum coin have different weights, diameters and thickness, so pay special attention to item descriptions in this regard. Some common mint tubes are listed below:

  • United States Mint Green Top Coin Tube (ASE)
  • Royal Mint Grey  Top Coin Tube (Most British Silver Coins, including 2 oz coins)
  • Austrian Mint Red Top Coin Tube (Philharmonic)
  • Royal Canadian Mint Yellow Top Coin Tube (Maple Leaf)
  • South African White Coin Tube (Krugerrand)
  • Perth Mint White Coin Tube (Most Australian Silver Coins)
  • Coinsafe Medallion Coin Tubes (Most Silver Rounds)

Bar tubes

Generic gold and silver bullion products such as rounds and bars also have various storage options. While some of these products come in assayer cards and sleeves, often times they do not. Companies such as Coinsafe and Air-tite make specific capsules and tubes for storing these items. Most commonly, they make 1 oz, 5 oz and 10 oz bar tubes.

Coin and round capsules

Another preferred method among collectors and investors are air tight coin capsules. These can be stored loose in various containers or a step further can be taken by encasing coins in coin capsules and finding big enough tubes to then put those inside of. Browse our selection and find the right size for your investment bullion today.