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Bulk Deals

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Wholesale Precious Metals deals

Looking for a few rolls of coins or a monster box of 500 ounces of a particular bullion coin? Those deals will be listed here. Keep in mind, if your order is over $5,000 you should consider paying by bank wire as it is a much more secure method of transaction. It is highly recommended that you contact a trade officer and consider purchasing a Silver Monster Pack.

Precious Metals Monster Boxes

While our shelves buckle with loads of sealed monster boxes, help us out by taking a couple off our hand. Some popular choices include.

  • American Silver Eagle Monster Box (Green Box)  - Tightly packaged in 25 separate rolls (green cap always) containing 20 x 1 oz American Silver Eagles each, the ASE Monster Box deserves a home inside of your safe. (500 total ounces)
  • Canadian Maple Leaf Monster Box (Yellow Box) - Containing 20 rolls (yellow top unless special edition) with 25 x 1 oz Canadian Silver Maple Leafs each and securely strapped with propriatary RCM mint straps. (500 total ounces)
  • British Silver Britannia Monster Box (Black Box) - Contains 20 rolls (gray cap like all of their silver coins) of 25 x 1 oz British Silver Britannia's in a tightly sealed 500 oz plastic box.
  • Australian Silver Kangaroo 1/2 Monster Box (White and Blue Box) - Easier on the back, the Silver Kangaroo monster box contains 10 rolls (white top) of 25 x 1 oz Australian Silver Kangaroos for a grand total of 250 troy ounces. 
  • Austrian Silver Philharmonic Monster Box (Red Box) - I love the smell of new silver! The Philharmonic monster boxes come with 25 rolls (red top) of pristinely crafted Silver Philharmonic coins for a grand total of 500 troy ounces.

Sealed Rolls of Gold Coins

Due to pricing, these are available only in the Gold Monster Pack.

  • American Gold Buffalo Roll 
  • American Gold Eagle Roll
  • Austrian Gold Philharmonic Roll 
  • Australian Gold Kangaroo Roll
  • Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Roll

Sealed Rolls of Platinum Coins

Please see the Platinum Monster Pack for details.

Buying Bulk Precious Metals from Investor Crate

In addition to the higher ticket info, we do regularly stock fractional gold, silver and platinum products in original sealed mint rolls. Useful on a budget and extremely safe a secure for long term storage.