Unique Christmas Gifts for Him (2020)

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Christmas Kilo

The same old boring Christmas Gifts.

 In the past I found myself recycling the same old gifts for dad and the kids. A tired cycle of ties and socks, toys, video games, a presumed thoughtful but probably pointless work-related item or gadget and of course grooming items, like an electric razor or shampoo. Not to mention the last minute, sort of thoughtless, gift card to Home Depot or Bass Pro Shops that crowds dad’s wallet and isn’t used for a few months. Let’s be honest, fishing season is long gone by now!

It’s probably no secret that these holidays have turned into mass marketed consumer based, massive profit generating business opportunities for big corporations. Which is fine, you should love capitalism as it creates jobs, innovation and has created quite the high-tech society that we take for granted. This does NOT mean, however, that you should go out and drain your savings or blow your entire paycheck on presents for everyone. Let’s be real with ourselves and admit that we go a tad overboard when it comes to gift giving.

With that said, why not consider a wealth-preserving item like a Gold Coin or Silver Bar?

In 2001 my father got me a 1 oz American Silver Eagle (mintage year 1989) among a few toys for Christmas. It came in a presentation box with a certificate of authenticity. Now, I can’t for the life of you remember what toys and other things I received 19 years ago nor do I know which landfill those ended up in. But that 1989 American Silver Eagle? It’s right here. A little worse for wear but still as valuable as the day it was minted.

Historical Silver price data shows that in 2001, when this was purchased by my parents, its Silver content was worth $6.36. With Silver sitting at $24.46 currently, the value of this coin has more than quadrupled! Not to mention its numismatic value (collector value) which puts its resale price at about $40-45 currently.

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Full disclosure

 Now, of course, we are a bullion retailer. It’s basically my job to drum up buying precious metals and drum up the fact that we are the BEST option to buy Gold, Silver and Platinum from. (At least in our opinion! Lol.) But to be fully transparent, as we are with anything we do, there are a ton of options on exactly HOW and WHERE to get a hold of bullion products which we would urge you to do. It really is a wonderful and unique way to show your love for the man in your life.

Why you should buy Gold and Silver

 Besides being a super cool, unique and meaningful present, this could have the potential to set in motion a fun hobby. Unbeknownst to me, 15 years later, that very coin and my new found hobby would flip my entire world upside down. How you might ask? Well, after serving in the military, I went on to build the largest subscription crate bullion retailer in the world. Now will your dad or son do the same? Probably not, but this did make me aware of finances, savings and investing.

It's also regarded as one of the most enjoyable ways to invest because it is tangible. Looking at a stock portfolio with some number as your gain is cool, but looking at a pile of Silver is so much better.

A meaningful present.

At a very young age, in my makeshift safe made out of a Lego box, that Silver Coin and my allowance stayed safely nested under my bed. As I got older I learned to save money, invest and stay out of debt. Something I honestly contribute a lot to that very first coin. 

Christmas Gold Bar

A old Gold IGR Christmas Bar from previous Christmas Packs

  If you decide to get something cool, may we suggest our Silver Christmas Pack.

Our Christmas Pack comes in a few different price tiers to fit your budget. Those price tiers are $100, $150, $200, $250, $500 and $1000. (Select the price tier on the product page.) The Christmas Pack is going to come with some pretty awesome options such as a Silver Coins, Bars and Rounds. The perfect entry level gift to preserve wealth and get a few different, unique Silver items for your loved one. The Christmas Pack will ship to the address you provide us with on December 15th. Please place any orders PRIOR to December 5th, as that will be the final day these will be available.
Keep in mind that, although we are a subscription crate company, these Silver Christmas Packs are NOT a subscription. This is simply a one-time purchase.

Thanks for reading folks and if you found this gift to be interesting, consider sharing it with friends and families.
This article is not intended nor should it be translated as investment advice. There is always risk associated with investing and you should ALWAYS consult your financial advisor prior to making any investment. 

Quick 2021 Christmas update!! We now have the Christmas Pack in Gold, Silver and a Gold/Silver Combination! Check them out here!

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  • Mortimer SnerdJul 04, 2024

    It’s always in my size and I love the color

  • AnonymousJul 04, 2024

    A great idea!

  • Sylvia SvihelMar 02, 2024

    I got my husband a full ounce gold bar for Christmas and he was ecstatic!!!

  • Don RDec 19, 2023

    Great comment ! A much better gift than socks…..HA!

  • Laura AdamsDec 19, 2023

    Now I know what I can get my husband that he doesn’t have and wouldn’t think to buy for himself.

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