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1 oz Silver Korean Tiger Medal | KOMSCO

 KOMSCO (한국조폐공사) or the Korea Minting, Security Printing and ID Card Operating Corporation is a government-owned corporation which is responsible for minting and printing bank notes and circulatory coinage as well as identification and other state official government documents.

The 1 oz Silver Korean Tiger Coin is one of many bullion and coin offerings from KOMSCO. The 1 oz Silver Korean coin contains 1 troy ounce (31.1 grams) of .999 fine Silver. The diameter of the bullion medallion is 40mm, has no reeded edges and bares exceptional holographic security features. This coin is also available in .999 fine Gold.

The Silver Korean Tiger are considered bullion medals in Korea and globally because it is absent of a state issued monetary value. Although Gold and Silver are regarded as highly valuable treasure in Korean culture. In fact, the Korean Won (which is the official nation state currency) were made from Gold and Silver in days past.

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Back of a Korean Tiger

Note the circle on the right side of the coin that says "999," this is a security feature that changes to say "Ag" when tilted. See the photo below.

 Some KOMSCO bullion pieces may have a denomination of “clay” in place to represent a monetary value. Although vague, some resources claim a “clay” represents a small parcel of land. In China, a clay is purposely made counterfeit currency, sometimes referred to as earthenware money to be buried in graves to prevent grave robberies. Though during the World Money Fair in Germany in 2017, it was explained by a KOMSCO employee that CLAY simply meant earth (like the ore the precious metals come from) and is a new way to count bullion medals.

The Silver Korean Tiger coins are part of an on-going bullion mint run that started in 2016. The 2020 production of the Tiger marks a new installment of Tiger medals that will follow the tiger cub (on the 2020 version of this coin) through South Korea to its most popular cities. The 2020 rendition starts in the South Korean capital city of Seoul and we will have to wait to find out what the cub will look like and in what area of South Korea will be depicted on the coin.

The KOMSCO Silver coins such as the Chiwoo Cheonwang, Scrofa Ghost and Silver Phoenix as well as the Korean Tigers come individually in generic coin flips. A roll of them consists of 25 coins in a proprietary KOMSCO coin tube and a monster box of coins consists of 250 coins in a KOMSCO branded gray box that is extremely durable.

The Tiger (호랑이) or ho-rang-i serves as an important motif to the people of the Republic of Korea. Upon first impression it seems as if the culture is obsessed with the animal as it is displayed in a wide range of art across the nation. It serves a symbol of superiority and it is thought that Tigers can ward off evil spirits. Sometimes referred to as tiger-silence, the tiger is never depicted roaring, instead its stern silent portrait is what’s portrayed. 

Fine Silver 999

"Ag" is the Atomic Symbol for the element Silver. "999" represents the purity.

  KOMSCO bullion medallion program seems to be growing as global Gold and Silver investors are buying these items, the demand for precious metals continues to grow and their mintage levels rise. We are excited to see what the future holds for KOMSCO and hope to carry their products for years to come.

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    South Korea seems to have a certain uniqueness

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    KOMSCO Mint silver is on my list to get only because it doesn’t look like anything else.

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