The Gold Club

The Gold Club

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The Gold Club grants you the ability to add Fire Sale items to your crate and gives you access to member-only options and new release items that are not available to the public. The membership length is one-year from the purchase date. You will also have access to special promotions and giveaways conducted for our GC Members. This is simply a premium membership and is not a physical item or subscription crate. This item will not automatically renew.

You do not need to upgrade to the premium 'Gold Club' to receive our subscription crates. Click here to go back to the subscription crates.

Do not order this unless you understand exactly what you are purchasing. By purchasing this item you agree to all disclaimers and terms of service agreements on this website.

Fire Sale

The Fire Sale page is our overstock page that is updated shortly after we ship out on the 15th of every month. The Fire Sale items are leftover product from the previous months' purchase order and available to Gold Club members for purchase AT COST.

  • This means no additional mark-up or shipping and handling fees placed on any items by us. You pay what we pay.
  • These items are not tiered so there is no minimum purchase amount.*
  • These items do NOT fluctuate with market pricing.

*Due to the popularity of this page, we ask resellers and coin shops to contact us for bulk purchases as we would gladly facilitate any size order you may need. Please refrain from buying the entire inventory as this is not designed to be a wholesale outlet for businesses and may lead to the suspension of your Gold Club membership.

You must have an ACTIVE subscription crate to receive the Fire Sale items as they will ship with your next crate.


Upon purchase of the Gold Club membership, you will automatically be entered into our One-Kilogram Gold Bar Giveaway. Winner will be announced on 31 October 2019. Your order number is your official entrant number.


This is a non-refundable, non-physical item. Do not order it unless you know what you're purchasing. If you need further explanation or clarification you can contact us by e-mail ''