The Gold Club

The Gold Club

It's that simple! Join our Gold Club today and enjoy special access to our exclusive member-only crates, giveaways and fire sale page. -Exclusive access to the fire sale page which
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We all know you're here for the loot...

We are allowing for only 3,000 Gold Club 1 Memberships at which time we will randomly pick, through a non bias number generator, live on our YouTube Channel a winner for our ONE KILOGRAM GOLD BAR GIVEAWAY! Yes, you read that right. Valued at over $40,000.00. This is our thanks to you folks for a wonderful first year in business and a cheers for many more years to come. Check out the rules and details of our giveaway here.




With your Gold Club Membership, we are granting you access and the ability to add to your pre-existing subscription our newly released "Fire Sale" collection. You can add as much loot as you want from our overstock, at the exact same price we pay. This means you get your loot at wholesale bulk pricing and get to add the products you wish to receive instead of letting us pick out your goodies for you.  

Members only!

Gain access to Member Only Crates such as the 'Showcase Crate' and 'Team Crate.'

The Team Crate is handpicked by Investor Crate staff each month. These Crates are considered the luxury crate by many here. You'll want to check this one out!

The Showcase Crate is a special crate built and distributed by partnership mints (private and government) from around the world and are generally packed with extra promotional items! Each month we partner with a new mint to bring you there special line up of premium precious metals.

Much more coming soon! 

Much more to come.

Behind the scenes we are working hard to remain the premiere way to build your net worth and treasure trove of shiny goodness. Our Gold Club members will be the first to receive news of new products, giveaways and other upcoming offerings from Investor Crate.