The one ounce give away!

All prices, all crates!

Upon purchase of any dollar amount or any crate, you will automatically be entered to win a free one-ounce piece of fine gold every month. 1 in 1000 crates sent out will randomly be selected to win*. If we send out 3,000 crates, this means we are giving out 3 ounces of Gold total. No particular crate or its type or dollar amount will have an advantage over another. No matter how many times you remind us your kit is the winning kit in the "special shipping instructions" in the check out!! Good luck and Enjoy one on us! 


Promotion Video.

A little showcase of our on-going promotion and a piece that went out during November 2017's fulfillment! Click the picture of the safe below to open our YouTube video. Don't forget to subscribe and hit that notification bell. We plan on rolling out some huge unboxings as well as some inside goodness of our operations! 

Coming soon.

Veterans mean the world to us. So we are asking you all to please contact us by e-mail and let us know some ideas and ways we can help. Our veteran customers currently deployed have been receiving care packages from us but we want to do more! Send us your ideas and various foundations you use to serve our men and women that serve us. We are not a faceless company and take all inquiries very serious, with your help we can find the right way to give back to those who have given so much for us. Thank you! 

Past promotion.

  • Last year around Halloween, all new customers received a free one ounce U.S. American Silver Eagle and the shipping fee was waived. The promotion ran until the monster box was exhausted. We love giving back to the community that supports us so much, look for more promotions like this in the future!
U.s. standard crate

Refer a friend.

We help those who help us!

We have had tremendous support from our customers and word of mouth is the key to our success as a company. Spreading the word and recruiting a friend does a few things. First, it helps increase our buying power. We make our money from volume, so we do not charge the same premiums, even though we were able to get that months haul for cheaper. These savings go DIRECTLY into each customers crate. Another great reason to refer a friend is the lesson of investing, saving and creating wealth. Even if they cancel down the road but continue stacking precious metals or move on to other investments through other suppliers, we are happy that folks are striving to better their financial situation! If you are able to e-mail us with the names of 5 individuals that are current customers because of your recommendation we will reward you with a one ounce Silver coin of your choosing! If Silver isn't your thing, contact us and we will be able to work something out! As always, thank you guys and gals for all the feedback, constructive criticism and kind words. You have been the sole driving factor for our continual growth and progress in pioneering a fun and new way to invest!