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When buying Gold, Silver or Platinum your options are endless. With the many manufacturers, dealers and methods of storage, be informed and decide what suits your needs.


A staple in civilizations ranging from ancient times to the present day, Gold has played many roles in the development of culture, technology, medicine, dentistry, fashion, and science...


Known as one of the most famous forms of metals, Silver resides on the periodic table of elements with an atomic number of 47. Its elemental identifier is Ag...


Since its early discovery, sometime between the 1500’s and 1700’s, its uses have included decor, parts in the automotive industry, uses in modern technologies, and more recently, an investment commodity... 

Perth Mint Silver Bars

Overview coming soon.

Canadian Silver Maple Leaf

Iconic coins struck by a famous mint, the Canadian Maple Leaf from the Royal Canadian Mint is sure to captivate its consumers.

American Silver Eagle

Produced for the first time on October 20th, 1986, The 99.9% pure, investment grade, silver bullion labeled the American...

What makes our industry tick?

The financial corner is where you can find resources that can help you understand the Precious Metal industry. From commodity and market reports to overview on some exciting new tech that is pushing for some impressive innovation within our industry. Come learn!

United States Mint

Our very own United States Mint is rich in patriotic history and a leader in the Precious Metal industry. From investment grade bullion to proof collector pieces, come read a little bit about them.

Royal Canadian Mint

The Royal Canadian Mint leads the charge with innovation and excellence in refinement. Come learn why top investors often pad their portfolio with their impressive line up of products!

Republic Metals Corporation

Republic Metals Corporation, our first partner mint for our "Showcase" Crate sprouted up and quickly made a name for themselves. From Precious Metals and now Diamonds, RMC has no glass ceiling.


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