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What is Investor Crates 'Gold Club?'

Enjoying our monthly Precious Metal Bullion boxes? Ready to take it to the next level? The Gold Club membership is a premium member upgrade that is good for one-year from the purchase date. This membership grants customers access to our famous Fire Sale page and exclusive member only crates and content!

Note: You do not need to upgrade to a Gold Club Membership to receive a monthly Precious Metal subscription crate. If you would like to receive bullion monthly without any additional fees or upgrades, you can navigate back to our crate products by the button below.




Our Fire Sale page is updated shortly after the ship out date on the 15th of every month. We place our entire overstock inventory up for sale AT COST. No mark ups, no predatory volume pricing and NO ADDITIONAL SERVICE FEE! Each month, stock up on the hottest new bullion products at the LOWEST price on the internet while supplies last.

Each item you pick up is then placed in queue and shipped out with your next subscription crate. Avoiding yet another fee, shipping! 

Members only!

Gain access to Member Only Crates such as the 'Showcase Crate' and 'Team Crate.'

The Team Crate is handpicked by Investor Crate staff each month. These Crates are considered the luxury crate by many here. You'll want to check this one out!

The Showcase Crate is a special crate built and distributed by partnership mints (private and government) from around the world and are generally packed with extra promotional items! Each month we partner with a new mint to bring you there special line up of premium precious metals.

New Crates on the way for 2020! 

Much more to come.

Behind the scenes we are working hard to remain the premiere way to build your net worth and treasure trove of shiny goodness. Our Gold Club members will be the first to receive news of new products, giveaways and other upcoming offerings from Investor Crate. 

The Gold Club

The Gold Club

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