Frequently Asked Questions


When will my package ship?
  • We are a subscription service and send out all packages around the 10th of every month. If you order after this date, you will be placed on a shipping queue.

As a rule of thumb, our billing date is the 28th of every month. The cut-off date for last minute orders is the 5th of every month and we ship out ALL subscription crates, starter packs and fire sale items on the 10th of every month.

Please keep in mind that some delays may occur due a to logistical error, carrier error, acts of nature and holidays.

Free Kilo of Gold?
  • We recently rolled out a members-only section of our website that has exclusive crates and one-time purchase options. Access to these pages requires you to become a member of Investor Crates, "Gold Membership Club." Members do have a 1 in 3000 chance to win a one-kilogram Gold bar giveaway. Please review our terms and services page for official rules.
Fire Sale Page?
  • Our Fire Sale page is a members-only feature for Gold Club Members. This page will allow you to add one-time purchase items to your pre-existing subscription crate. Coin shop owners and other establishments that deal in Precious Metals, please do NOT utilize the Fire Sale page. Instead, inquire with our support staff to conduct separate purchase orders.
Members Only?
  • Our "Members Only" page has exclusive crates for Gold Club Members only. Please see the "The Gold Club" membership for more details on becoming a member. Some customers have found a workaround in our system that allows non-members to order "Member Only" products. Please refrain from doing so. We are a private business and reserve the right to terminate your account.
How much product do I get?
  • All customers, no matter the dollar amount purchased, get the same bulk/wholesale pricing of the product that we pay, minus a small service fee. All collectibles purchased through us, however, have markups and premiums associated with the purchase, usually placed on that particular product by the manufacturer or supplier.

When is the billing date?

  • You will be billed immediately upon check-out on our online portal and again every month on the 28th. If you are on a shipping queue you will be automatically skipped in the billing cycle. Ex. If you ordered on the 25th and are awaiting your first crate, you will NOT be billed again on the 28th.

How do I cancel, should I wish to discontinue service?

  • We purposely made cancellation a simple task to avoid being that subscription you can never get rid of. There is absolutely no contractual obligation or cancellation fee associated with our subscription. You can either cancel via your account on our website or contact and they will cancel your subscription.

    What is the purity of the product that I will receive?

    • The purity is 'as advertised' on the individual collectible placed upon it by the manufacturer.

    Do you hold over a 'remainder' value for the following months crate?

    • No remainder value is ever held by Investor Crate.

    My package never arrived, what do I do?

    • We ship by way of the United States Postal Service and each package is insured through our carrier. We are not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen packages and all claims should be filed through the United States Postal Service. Information on how to file a claim can be found on the United States Postal Service official website. It is important that you take the proper steps to confirm the shipping address you provide Investor Crate, is correct and accurate in addition to your mailbox being secure.

    What is the swap feature?

    • The swap feature enables customers to change their product type and dollar amount. This feature is available on our website by logging in to your account.*

    What is the skip feature?

    • The skip feature enables a customer to ‘skip’ a billing cycle. This feature has to be used before the 28th of the month they wish to skip. Normal billing and receipt of our product will resume the following month.*

      How do I change/update my billing and shipping information?

      • The edit feature enables a customer to ‘edit’ billing and shipping information associated with their account.*

      Do you ship internationally?

      • We ship to Soldiers, Marines, Airmen, Sailors and Coast Guard members abroad to APOs. We do not otherwise, ship internationally.

      How do I receive a refund or initiate a return?

      • You may be eligible for a return or refund, please review our refund policy for more information.

      How do I log in to my account?

      • During your initial purchase, you will receive an automated email from Investor Crate for account activation. Please open this email and follow the steps provided within. If you forget your password, you are able to reset it via the login portal on our website. If you did not receive this e-mail, please contact and request a resend of the 'account activation e-mail.'

      What type of metal should I buy?

      • No Investor Crate agent will ever provide you with a suggestion or information on what type of metal or dollar amount to purchase. We urge all customers to research and conduct their own due diligence. By utilizing our service you acknowledge that you have conducted your own, comprehensive review of the assets, liabilities and their potential.

      Do you sell bullion at spot price?

      • We do NOT sell any collectibles in conjunction with any pricing index.

        Can I have my crate shipped directly to my IRA?

        • Currently, we do not offer our product to be directly shipped to holding companies. This may be available in the near future.

        How do I store and handle my metal?

        • Due to the precious nature of the metal, careful hands-free handling of your metal must be used at all times. Metal should always be stored in a secure, dry environment. Use cotton or powderless-latex gloves while handling your bullion and leave the items in its original packaging.

        How can I contact a support representative?

        • Currently, we do not offer phone support for monthly orders under $5000.00. We, however, answer support related questions via email in an extremely fast and accurate manner. Please contact for any inquiry you may have.

        I want to purchase more than $5000.00 a month, how can I achieve this?

        • We offer an invoice and wire service for monthly orders greater than $5000.00 USD a month. Please contact and a representative will contact you shortly.

        *Mobile users of certain phone types may have to tilt their phone in order to reveal the option to “swap,” “skip,” “cancel,” and “edit” their accounts.