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Team Crate
Team Crate

Team Crate

Investor Crate

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All crate products are a monthly subscriptions that can be canceled at any time for any reason. You have no obligation to continue service. Recurring billing occurs on the 1st unless you are awaiting your first crate.

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The Team Crate is a hand-curated crate by the Team here at Investor Crate. As you may know, we offer a wide variety of crate products which means we have quite the variety of Gold, Silver and Platinum Bullion in stock to fulfill our crates. We take the coolest pieces and use them to fulfill the Team Crate.

The Team Crate is the only real 'mystery' crate we stock because the contents could range from either a mixture of Gold, Silver or Platinum bullion or could contain all of one metal type. There are no real set factors we use to build each months Team Crate at the various price tiers other than we strive to get you a little bit of everything from that month's inventory.

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